Toddlers are on the go all the time, and it’s your job as a parent to keep a protective eye on them. However, toddlers have a tendency to quickly dart into trouble, so childproofing your home can be an important part of keeping them safe. Taking steps to prevent falls can limit the number of bumps and bruises that your toddler receives at home.

Affix Gates

Every set of stairs should have two barriers for keeping kids out—one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. For most staircases, the best barriers are baby gates. You can place a pressure-mounted gate at the bottom of the stairs, but gates at the top should mount to the walls with hardware. If your staircase is blocked off with a door, you probably don’t need a baby gate as well, but you should use a doorknob cover to restrict access.

Install Railings

Along balconies, porches or open staircases, balustrades can form a protective barrier to keep toddlers from falling. When installing a stainless steel balustrades for childproofing, opt for vertical railings that kids won’t be able to climb. To keep toddlers from trying to squeeze through the openings, place the balustrades no more than 12.5 centimeters apart from one another.

Prevent Bathtub Slips

Young children often love to play in the bathtub, but it’s important that caregivers take precautions to ensure bath-time safety. You should place a non-slip mat inside the tub, and you should encourage your child to remain seated during baths. Be sure to mop up splashes on the floor so that your toddler doesn’t slip after getting out of the tub. Above all, never leave your toddler unsupervised around the bathtub.

Use Bed Rails

Between 18 and 24 months, many toddlers get into the habit of climbing out of the crib, which can lead to falls. If your youngster is no longer staying put in the crib, it’s time to transition to a bed. To ease the transition and prevent nighttime falls, it’s a good idea to put a barrier along the side of the bed. You can use sturdy rails that attach to the bed frame or foam bumpers that go under the fitted sheet.

Toddlers’ tumbles are inevitable. Research shows that two-year-olds fall an average of 38 times each day. However, by providing a childproofed environment for your toddler to explore, you can help protect your little one from the consequences of serious falls.