If you have decided to improve your lawn and gardens, you may be eager to plant bushes, flowers and more for beautification. However, these are cosmetic features that are actually the last features that should be placed in your space. In order to have a truly beautiful, healthy yard and garden, you need to invest time and energy in establishing a solid structure or foundation in the space. These are a few of the initial factors that require your attention in your yard for the best results.

Nutrient-Rich Soil

A beautiful lawn with gorgeous gardens typically features healthy, vibrant vegetation, and it may be difficult or impossible to achieve lushness without having nutrient-rich soil. Bringing in nutrient-rich soil and covering your entire yard with several inches or more of topsoil is a smart idea in many cases. Keep in mind that vegetation will eventually pull these nutrients out, so fertilization may be necessary going forward. Understanding your soil conditions and plant needs is important regardless of the type of vegetation you intend to plant in your yard. This knowledge can help you to enrich the soil with the right combination of elements.

A Sprinkler System

Healthy plants also require adequate hydration. Lawn sprinklers are essential for convenient watering. You can set your sprinkler system on a timer, and you can even invest in a rain sensor or so that the sprinkler system does not function after a recent rain. The alternative to a sprinkler system is to tote a hose and sprinklers around the yard manually. While this may get the job done, it is not convenient. It also may not supply a steady amount of water as needed on a regular basis.

Hardscape Features

Before you start laying new sod, planting bushes and more, consider the hardscape design that you want in your space. This may include a paved walkway, a patio, flowerbed borders, and many other features. Hardscape can add character and functionality to your space. In addition, it may be essential for yard maintenance. For example, a paved walkway may keep foot traffic off of the lawn so that it can remain healthy.

While you may be excited to plant new flowers, bushes and more in your space and enjoy seeing beautification results immediately, you can see that these initial efforts to lay an infrastructure in your yard are essential for the long-term health and beauty of your yard. If you need assistance with any of these infrastructure efforts, consult with a landscaping company.

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