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Your partner travels a lot for work. You see each other sporadically or not as much as you would like. There’s nothing simple about spending a lot of time alone while someone you’re in a committed relationship with is far away, but there are things you can do to maintain that connection you feel when you’re physically together.

It just takes a little positive thinking and some imagination if you’re dedicated to remaining connected through your challenging situation. Here are some great ways you can keep the spark alive when your spouse travels for work.

Make Plans That Bond You

Don’t give in to pessimism or let your melancholy become the prevailing mood between the two of you. Stay doggedly optimistic about the future. Create a long-term goal or two that will make your relationship stronger.

Some plans that will inspire you can include saving up for something you’ve always dreamed about having, such as a new car. Maybe you’ve always talked about starting your own business and becoming more independent.

Have Supportive Friends

When couples who have lives that seem more normal when compared to yours are your closest friends, it can play on your insecurities. It can also make you hide from social events you have to arrive alone to.

Friends who understand you and your partner’s challenge, will open the door with a warm smile. They’ll become part of the effort to make your long distance relationship manageable. They won’t question its validity. They’ll embrace it.

Make Staying Connected Fun

There’s nothing worse than being overzealous when it comes to wanting to know what your partner’s doing while traveling. If they’re a truck driver for a company such as CR England, relentlessly seeking information on where they are and where they’re going next will become excessive.

It’s how you use your handheld device that makes the difference. Send them pics of what you’re eating or wearing and ask for the same. Schedule an intimate video conference call with each other. Technology enables a lot of intimacy. You may not be able to eat and experience physical moments together, but use the many apps at your disposal to stay on the same page.

Begin and End Each Day the Same as You Normally Do

Waking up alone can be demoralizing when you’d rather be with your significant other. The same goes for pulling the switch on the lamp table beside you and spending long nights alone. To combat these feelings, try to maintain your usual daily routine. A simple “good morning” and “good night” can lessen the anxiety you have about being apart. It’s a small gesture that can lend incredible comfort. In fact, it’s a practice that those who have partners on deployment in the military recommend.

Be Playful

You don’t want your relationship to become a joyless project even if you’re both doing everything you can to keep it strong. Be a surprise distraction from your partner’s daily grind. Surprise them by planting love notes in their carry-on luggage or even funny little gifts.

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship can even be difficult for couples who aren’t constantly separated by long distances. Relaxing and having faith in the person you’re building a life with can go a long way. Not succumbing to complaints about your situation will give the two of you solid ground to stand on. Keeping your union interesting by using your cell phones and a little creative thinking will actually amplify closeness and warm feelings.