Being away from your kids for the holidays can be lonely. You may have an arrangement that rotates holidays with your ex spouse. If you are already worried about next year then you should start to prepare now. After all, everyone needs someone to enjoy their days with. Luckily, you can find ways to solve your New Years Day woes by getting creative.

Volunteer New Years Day

Accepting that your kids are away for a time might be a blessing in disguise. This gives you a chance to improve yourself by volunteering to help those less fortunate. You can do this locally or online. Volunteer by writing for nonprofits, serving food at a soup kitchen or training to be a volunteer among others.

Spend Time Alone

Being alone allows you to focus internally. Spirituality can help you feel less alone, accept what you can’t change, have peace of mind and make your life more meaningful. Techniques such as yoga, prayer and meditation can be beneficial to your health and happiness. Besides this, you can do arts and crafts, read a book or spend time in nature.

Go on a Holiday Vacation

You can go alone, or bring a partner. Being yourself and letting your inner child out is a smart way to genuinely enjoy your time. Head wherever your heart desires. This could be Disneyland, camping or just go for a ride to see the Christmas lights in your area. Make an effort to be excited without your kids, because as a human being you deserve it. If you need help with negotiating alimony or have other struggles, you could benefit from consulting an alimony lawyer.

Chosen Family

You may want to spend time with those close friends that you consider family. If your biological family is going to bring more stress than joy then consider spending the time with your chosen family. These are the friends you don’t have to pretend with. You can voice your concerns and build meaningful relationships with them. Spend New Years Day making new memories together.

Meaningful Church Activities

Getting more involved in church activities can give you a sense of purpose, meaning and comfort. You can join the choir or sing Christmas carols with a group. Additionally, there may be plenty of volunteer opportunities such as utilizing any skills you may have. This may be building, cleaning up, pet therapy, reading to a blind person or yard work.

Not being able to be with your kids for the holidays doesn’t have to be as lonely as you may believe. Make an effort to focus on bringing more meaning into your life when you’re without them. You can think of it as a challenge where giving up isn’t the solution.