A dog that tends to dig may be doing so in order to alleviate boredom or to find protection from extreme weather. You have to take steps that will ensure your dog is entertained while in the yard. Here are some of the techniques you can use that will prevent your tunneling issues.

Create a Happy Space

You want your dog to remain active while they’re out in the yard. Making your backyard a happy place for your dog could help to stop some of their more annoying behaviors. This could include having a variety of toys out that will help to keep them entertained, or allowing them to chew on sticks or other objects. Depending on the breed of dog that you have, an agility course could help to stave off their urge to dig underneath the fence. Perhaps most importantly, don’t turn the backyard into a prison for your pet. Take them on regular walks, and bring them along on vacations when possible. Your dog will be more content in the yard (and less prone to dig) if they don’t feel trapped there.

Install Safeguards

For a compulsive digger, you may need to install additional safeguards in order to prevent their tunneling escapades. Using an L-footer at the base of your fence may help to provide an extra layer of protection in regards to your fence. The point of the L-footer is that it goes underneath your current fencing situation to prevent your digger from being able to escape from your yard with ease.

Create an Outlet (Figuratively)

If you can’t prevent your dog from digging, you might want to encourage it. Set up an area of your yard in which your dog is allowed to dig in order to give them an outlet for their more destructive tendencies. Designating a dig pit in your yard may prevent your little digger from trying to tunnel underneath the fence and getting into more trouble in the neighborhood.

Double Up On Fences

Installing a double fence (a fence within a fence) is another effective solution when it comes to keeping your dog contained in your yard, especially if the above methods haven’t worked. A redundant fence may prevent persistent diggers who manage to escape through the first fence. Hiring a fence company (such as F & W Fence Company, Inc.) to install an additional fence will save you a lot of time and effort.

Sometimes you have to get creative in order to prevent your dog from having free roam of your neighborhood. Try the above methods, or try combining several methods to find the right solution to your problem. Above all else, make sure the backyard is a safe and happy place for your dog.