Home heating bills can reach astronomical levels during the winter months. Some people simply struggle through winter with this huge expense, and others must find a balance between staying warm and managing their budget. Dressing in layers and sitting underneath a blanket may help, but you understandably want to find a reasonable and cost-effective way to keep the house warm as well.

Service Your HVAC System

When your HVAC system is not in great condition, it may run more than it otherwise may need to in order to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. HVAC systems should be serviced annually before you turn the heating system on for the first time in the fall. This service includes replacing worn out parts, cleaning dirty components and more. If your system has not received residential heating maintenance service recently, now is a great time to schedule an appointment.

Focus on the Windows

You understandably want to keep your home’s heated air trapped inside your home, and you want to keep cold outdoor air from entering your space. A considerable amount of heat loss can occur through the windows. Analyze the type and condition of your windows to determine if an upgrade would benefit you. You also should re-seal your windows and exterior doors annually. For further benefit, keep the blinds closed and the drapes drawn throughout the winter. These features can act as another layer over the windows.

Use the Fireplace

You can also generate heat inside the home, such as by burning a fire in the fireplace. This is practical when your family is gathered together for a few hours together in the same room. Remember to only burn a fire when someone is nearby to tend to the fire, and follow fire safety tips to reduce related risks. Running a ceiling fan at a low speed while burning a fire in the fireplace may help to circulate some of the heated air into other areas of the home.

While running your furnace to stay warm in the winter is essential, it is not the only step that you can take to stay warm. By wearing an extra layer or two and following these tips, you can stay warmer indoors without relying so heavily on your furnace for warmth. This tips can be applied at any time of the fall or winter for immediate results, and you can continue to use them in the years ahead for financial savings and comfort.

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