There are a lot of things we can’t control: when it will rain, whether or not the dog ate our lunch off the counter, or that we tripped and spilled our morning coffee all over that great linen shirt. But we can always choose how to best prepare ourselves to be our best and how we react when things don’t go as planned.

Power Posing

Ever wondered why Wonder Woman stands the way she does, squared off with the opposition with her shoulders back, her hands authoritatively on her hips, looking danger right in the face? It’s because she knows she’s a force to be reckoned with and carries herself as such. Power posing, holding and carrying yourself with the confidence of someone who is living their true greatness, puts you in the best possible state of mind. If you carry yourself like you belong, matter, and have confidence, you might find that you start to think that way as well.

Positive Affirmations

There’s a lot to mind over matter. We can’t change that the guy on the subway shouted at us this morning, but by reinforcing thought that we are good, well-intentioned people, we are able to choose how we react in the healthiest way possible. It’s a simple practice. We envision our truth, that which we aspire to, and will it to be by asking the universe for it, writing it down, asking more, concentrating our power on it, and ultimately trusting in the universe to bring our energy back full-circle.

Try Your Best with Your Appearance

So much of being prepared to cultivate positive thoughts is to feel we look the part. Making an effort to improve our appearance goes a long way to helping us feel good about ourselves. Much of what message we put into the world depends on how we feel we look to others. If you feel you look good, you’ll be more confident in yourself. Therefore, putting effort into your appearance is important. However, it shouldn’t be all-consuming. Try your best, feel great, and then forget about the mirror. If you don’t rely on your reflection, you’ll find that you have more time to enjoy yourself and other people instead of focusing on being what society thinks you should be.

A Healthy, Confident Smile

A big part of our grooming is our smile. People see it early and often, and nothing wows like a set of pearly whites. General oral health and cleanliness are important from a whole-body standpoint. If your teeth are healthy and cared for, you’re going to feel more comfortable smiling and spreading joy to others. Happiness is contagious and helps build confidence in you and your smile’s recipients. Nothing is worse than wanting to smile but feeling like you can’t because you don’t like your teeth. Making an appointment with a dental clinic can help you keep those teeth shining so you’re always ready to light up a room with your smile.

You can’t determine what happens, but you can always choose how to prepare for and react to anything. You’re awesome, and you’ve got the power to be your best, most confident self all the time. So strike a pose, write your daily affirmations, and get cleaned up, because you’ve got another great day ahead of you.