With so many incredible parent bloggers out there, it can be hard to know who to follow. Who gives the best advice? Who takes the best photos? Who knows where to shop to get the best deals?

It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

To help you narrow down who the best parent bloggers are, we’ve put together a list of 10 of our favourite parent bloggers and influencers that you HAVE to follow. (You can thank us later).

Not Your Average Mom | A Parenting Blog

Not Your Average Mum is a hilarious parenting blog that is written by Susie, a mother of 7. Susie regularly talks about the things other parent bloggers are too scared to talk about, including the realities of raising a modern family and being a first time Mum.

Birth Without Fear | Pregnancy And Birth Blog

Birth Without Fear is an incredible blog that is written by the equally incredible January Harshe. The blog serves to inform and empower new moms, focussing on important decisions around their pregnancy (including pre-conception, surrogacy and childbirth). Covering a wide range of topics, this is one blog that is not to be missed.

If you would like more information about surrogacy, you can also visit the ConceiveAbilities website.

Baby FoodE | Baby Food Inspiration

Baby FoodE is a whole food blog that is focussed on baby food! This innovative blog is written by the amazing Michelle Olivier, who is both a mom and baby food expert! With such a clean and professional design, Baby FoodE is a joy to look at, and the pictures are absolutely incredible.

Rookie Moms | From Pregnancy, To Preschool and Beyond

Rookie Moms is a great blog for those who want to go from pregnancy to preschool & beyond. With tons of amazing activity ideas for moms and babies to do together, Rookie Moms is a blog you’ll want to keep checking to make sure you haven’t missed a thing!

Tech Savvy Mamma | A Parenting Blog

For those that struggle with technology, Tech Savvy Mama exists to inform and educate parents about the world of tech. Leticia Barr, the creator of Tech Savvy Mama is both a former teacher and mom of 2, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about!

Diary Of A First Time Mom | An African American Mom Blog

The blog, Diary of a First Time Mom, is a parenting blog that covers lots of different and interesting topics. From reviews and giveaways to a weekly video diary, this blog is great for those that love to be more engaged in the content their reading (or watching!). On top of all that, Diary Of A First Time Mom has an incredible online forum where first-time moms can hang out, vent and encourage each other!

FirstTimeMummy.com | First Time Mom Blog

First-time-mommy.com was started as a way to connect like-minded mothers, sharing information they had learned along the way. This is a great resource for those that are new to motherhood, especially as it pulls together lots of tips and tricks from people who have been in a similar position.

Fit To Be Pregnant | A Healthy Pregnancy Blog

Deanna Schober is the incredible woman behind Fit To Be Pregnant, was started her blog to first document her own journey into having a fit, healthy pregnancy. This idea came after she had several unhealthy pregnancies, so she wanted to share her journey and knowledge with others who were going through a similar situation.

Deanna’s blog is filled with lots of well-informed posts that help other moms-to-be have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Uplifting Families | Daily Encouragement for Real Parents

Uplifting Families is an inspirational blog that has been created by the incredible Christy Garrett. As an inspirational blog for parents of all ages, it covers a wide range of topics from raising a family to dealing with the tricky milestones parents have to deal with.  Having had lots of parenting experience, Christy has a lot of amazing advice to share.

The Happiest Home | The Art Of A Satisfying Home Life

Parent bloggers, Megan Francis & Sarah Powers, have a very simple philosophy behind their amazing blog. To put it simply, they want to answer the ever-popular question “How can I make my home happier?”. With that, they have created a blog that looks at living happier and healthier lives whilst raising children – ultimately creating that happy home every one strives to have.

Which parenting influencers do you follow? Did we miss anyone on of our list? Let us know in the comment section below and maybe we’ll include them in our next post!