For many people, there is a general tendency to accumulate more possessions over time. Perhaps you buy more clothes than you get rid of, so your closet is increasingly jammed. In some cases, it may seem as though there is never enough of something, such as electronics or sporting gear. However, there are a few essential areas of your life where it may be better to focus on investing in one or several high-quality items than multiple cheaper items.


One of these areas is with your cookware. If you enjoy cooking, you may have numerous pots, pans and utensils in your kitchen. You may also periodically add new items to your collection as different needs arise or as some items wear out or get damaged. Rather than toss out cheap items for other cheap items, consider investing in high-quality copper cookware. Copper offers numerous benefits, such as heat conductivity and resistance to corrosion.


You understandably want to own multiple pairs of shoes for various outfits and purposes, but it is often better to invest in several high-quality shoes that can be matched with numerous outfits than to stock your closet with cheap shoes. Cheap shoes inevitably will fall apart soon, and this can result in additional expense. In addition, they may hurt your feet. In extreme cases, you may need to visit of foot specialist for treatment associated with wearing low-quality shoes.


Over time, some people will accumulate an impressive selection of fine jewelry made with quality gemstones and precious metals. Because of the cost of these items, this may take years or even decades to do. In the meantime, you may be inclined to stock up on cheap costume jewelry to accessorize with. By wasting your money on cheap items that will inevitably break or go out of style, you are spending money that otherwise could have been invested in fine jewelry. Keep in mind that jewelry may also be more valuable to you when it is given to you by a loved one or has significant meaning.

You may have a strong desire to accumulate cheaper items as a means to keep up with the proverbial Joneses or simply because you enjoy buying things. However, you can see that it makes sense in many cases to invest in quality items even if the cost more than to stock up on many cheaper items. These are only some of the many examples of instances when quality trumps quantity.