Whether it’s an unexpected guest for the holidays or family members that need a place to sleep while visiting the area, the need for you to create extra sleeping room in your home is an eventual certainty. When you get the phone call from a family member that they’re on their way, you have quite a few options available to you with regards to creating room for sleeping arrangements.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Even if you don’t have a guest room, you still have the ability to house unexpected guests when you rearrange your living room furniture. You’re used to living a certain way and having your furniture arranged in a way that’s attractive and accessible to you. When you know you have family visiting soon, you should definitely consider the placement of your sofa, coffee table, recliner, and loveseat. Open up the middle of the room by scooting all of the furniture against the walls.

Purge Your Possessions

Everyone is guilty of holding onto broken or useless items for either sentimental reasons or for potentially practical reasons. When you’re not entertaining sleepover guests, this type of hoarding isn’t very problematic. The problem arises when you’re informed by your family members that they’ll need to be crashing at your place for a few days. If you find your home is overrun by old furniture and piles of crap that’s taking up precious sleeping room for your coming guests, call a garbage removal service. The members of the garbage removal service will come into your home, remove the items themselves, and haul it to the local landfill. Garbage removal services do charge a fee that scales with how much junk you have, so be sure to ask for a quote before you agree to purchase their services.

Outfit Your Basement

You can house guests without a guest room if you’re clever with how you create the space for a makeshift guest room in your basement. Basements are the unsung heroes for emergency guest housing. They’re subterranean, which allows for easy climate control, and there’s usually plenty of unused space. Your basement might need to be swept and dusted but once the cobwebs are removed and the items in the basement are organized, it’s the perfect place to set up a few inflatable mattresses for your visiting family.

When you set out to make room for visiting family members before they arrive, do not discount the use of temporary shelters like tents and RVs. Tents are best used during mild seasons, like summer, while RVs can be outfitted with proper necessities during practically any season.