Are you planning to vacation in Europe in the nearby future? Maybe you are tired of the usual land tours and would like something a little different? Why not charter your own boat and sail around the islands? Here are some reasons why this would make it the ultimate dream vacation.

  1. There’s no need to rush – while you can always a glimpse of the different islands using the many boat tours that are available, you will need to adhere to the schedules that the tour company has set. That may not be a problem for others, but there are some people who find it stressful to have to rush through their day just to meet the schedules. That will not a be a problem with your own chartered boat. You have control not only over the time but the itinerary! If you don’t feel like going to a particular place, you can just skip it. If you want to stay on the beach or snorkel longer at a specific area, no one will stop you or leave you behind.
  2. You can be as private or social as you want – depending on the boat you choose, you may get to places that no cruise ship or larger boats can go to. You can enjoy some special time alone or with your significant other. But if you’re the type who loves to socialize and party, you can dock at places where the party life is at its peak. You can even bring the party to your own boat for some cocktails and the like.
  3. You will see breathtaking sceneries – the beaches of Europe, whether in Italy, France or Greece are some of the most beautiful in the world. And there is nothing like seeing the islands and the shoreline from the privacy if your own boat. Can you imagine watching the sun while it’s setting while you are on the deck of your boat sipping on some champagne or whatever drink you prefer? It’s one memory that will forever be etched into your mind.
  4. It’s not as expensive as you might think – yes, you will be shelling out more money for a chartered boat than your usual stay at the hotel, but if you do your research, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money. If you choose the lesser known places and avoid traveling during the peak season, you can get a week of island hopping for less than $5,000!
  5. You deserve a once in a lifetime luxury vacation – with all the stresses in life that we experience, everyone deserves a vacation that they will remember for the rest of their life. And what could be better than enjoying a luxurious time in a yacht over the waters of Europe? At Sailing Europe, you can choose from several places like Italy, Spain, Croatia, and each location will guarantee a vacation that is truly memorable. For an extra fee, you will be provided a skipper, and even a cook for the ultimate vacation.