All women understand the struggle that comes with finding the perfect fitting bra. Statistics have shown that more than half of women have complained about the fitting of their bra. Not only can the process be long and difficult but wearing the wrong bra in the meantime can actually have effects on your overall health.

It’s been stated that wearing the wrong kind of bra not only causes back and neck pain, but it can also lead to breast sagginess, bad posture, headaches, shortness of breath and breast stretching. In order to avoid these possible side effects, there are 4 main things to look for when searching for a well-fitting bra. These include the straps, bridge, band, and cup size of the bra.

Check out the graphics below created from online bra retailer, True & Co., a female-founded company who knows a thing or two about well-fitting bras.

In order to avoid possible shoulder pain, it’s very important to adjust your bra straps as necessary. When adjusting, try to keep your posture as straight as possible in order to get the right fit.

The center part of your bra should rest comfortably against your chest while also giving adequate breast support.

With 42% of women having complained about uncomfortable underwire and 35% of women dissatisfied with the underarm bulge they get, it’s important to not only find the perfect fit but also the perfect feel for your bra band.

With 29% of women having complained about cup spillage from their bras, women should aim to find the perfect cup size that will give you support and also keep your breasts contained. The easiest way to do this is to measure yourself.

It’s recommended that every woman has a bra fitting every 6 months, whether that’s inside a store or through an online fit quiz. With hormonal changes, and possible weight gain or weight loss, your breasts are guaranteed to go through a series of size fluctuations. Once you find out your upper body’s measurements, finding the perfect fitting bra will be a breeze.

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