Fall isn’t just the season of pumpkins, apple cider, and haunted houses. It’s also a very tumultuous time with regards to the weather. Since fall is a transitional season, bridging the gap between summer and winter, it tends to be a mixture of both. You can keep your family comfortable during these fall weather changes with these four tips.

Dress in Layers

There are going to be many fall days that start out at a certain temperature but will be a completely different temperature by the middle of the afternoon. This is simply the nature of a transitional season like fall. To help your family remain comfortable during the fluctuating temperatures of the autumn season, suggest that they dress in layers. Dressing in layers allows you and your family to be prepared for a wide range of temperatures.

Take Care of Your Immune System

The autumn season is also the official start of cold and flu season. With school in full swing and so many holidays coming up in a short period of time, there will be plenty of chances for you and your family to catch something. To keep your family comfortable and safe while these viruses spread, take special precautions to boost their immune system. Adding a glass of orange juice to breakfast every morning will provide a boost of vitamin C to strengthen their immune systems.

Cool Those Hot Flashes

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that the heat of summer is entirely gone. You’re going to experience a strange mixture of seriously cold temperatures with surprisingly hot temperatures until the end of fall. Don’t disconnect your air conditioners as soon as September arrives because you will need to use it on those surprisingly hot days to keep your home and your family comfortable. Once it gets closer to November, the likelihood of hot flashes is virtually erased. This is a better time to disconnect and store your air conditioner.

Keep Rain Gear with You

Similar in nature to spring, the fall season tends to bring rain and thunderstorms. You can never be sure when a sudden rainstorm will move into your area, so always keep an umbrella in your car and in your children’s backpacks.

Although it can sometimes be inaccurate, a great way to plan ahead for your family’s comfort is to take a look at the weekly weather forecast. This will give you an idea regarding upcoming temperatures, storms, and other weather conditions.