The world is just out to get us, that’s what it seems like anyway. The world works in mysterious ways, and one of the ways it seems to work best is through the scams it lets us fall victim to. Well, is it fair to say that the world does this to us, or we do it to ourselves? We’re not always the best at making decisions, especially when it comes to things we’re unsure about.

Some things are sugar coated so that they look right to us, but underneath the surface, they’re full of surprises that we just aren’t ready for. So, considering some of these scams are so well hidden, we want to try and show you what some of the most common ones are, and how you can definitely avoid falling victim to them!


Insurance Scams

This is definitely first on the list of things that we fall victim to. It would seem that you can get insurance on absolutely everything you buy. From pretty much all of the items in your home to the car that you drive. You feel like you’re living in a bubble of protection, which is great. Expect that’s definitely not what you’re doing.

They tell you the basics of what will be covered, which at the time will be a lot. But they’ll leave out all of the important parts, like the fact you won’t be covered on certain things that are more likely to break, and there will be so many terms and conditions to a payout that you would have to meet before you get any money.

If you really feel like you have a valid claim, an insurance attorney could help you if you aren’t getting the payout you deserve. But, before taking out any form of insurance, we would recommend that you take a day just to make sure you’re aware of all of the terms and conditions before you take a policy out

Investment Scams

It’s easy to get all excited and flustered over an investment. You feel like you’re going to make so much money, and that the idea is nice and simple. Wrong, so many companies take your money with a promise of a return, tell you that the investment didn’t work out, and keep your money. When behind closed doors, they’re pocketing a lot of the money, and not investing how they should be. Never go with a dodgy investment company. Always go with one that you know is legit, and has a high success rate. You’ll be able to find plenty of reviews online.

Travel Scams

It’s easy enough for us all to want the cheapest deals when thinking about going on holiday, which leads us to use companies who might be a little bit suspect. They’re offering a cheap holiday to a luxury hotel, so you’re obviously going to take it. Little do you know they’re sending you to a completely different hotel that just looks similar in parts, and your holiday is ruined. Always use a reputable travel company, even if it means you’re spending more.