Dental anxiety in children is a normal part of going to see your dentist, especially if it is your child’s first time. However, it doesn’t have to be a scary experience, and there are some things you can do to calm a scared child and make them feel more comfortable about their visit.

Provide a Simple Explanation

Knowledge is power when it comes to most things, and a family dental clinic visit is no exception to this rule. Providing some information about what your child can expect to find at the dentist can help to calm their fears. Even if it is not your child’s first visit to the dentist, information about a new or different procedure can help them through it. There is no need to go into specific details. Your dental professional knows how to talk to children in a way that kids understand.

Prepare for the Visit

Getting your child used to the sorts of procedures a dentist might perform on their teeth can be a great way to make things more comfortable. You can use a mirror or other instruments to demonstrate to your child how the dental professional might take a look at their teeth or check for problems. Since a dentist will end the session by brushing your teeth, you can practice the technique with your child in advance.

Explain Oral Hygiene

Telling children what might happen at the dentist is one step, but explaining to them the importance of taking care of their teeth is another good move. Most kids like to know they are doing the right thing and taking care of themselves as it makes them feel more adult. Tell your child how important these visits are and list some of the ways a dentist helps teach kids how to take care of their teeth between trips.

Focus on Your Child

It’s best to avoid comforting your child by talking about your own experiences with the dentist. Even if you’ve had exclusively positive experiences, you might retain some unknown dental anxiety of your own that could come out when you least expect it. Keep the attention on your child to reduce their anxiety and boost their confidence.

These are just a few of the ways you can make a dental visit less of an ordeal for your child. Even if you don’t eliminate the anxiety factor completely, you may be able to use these steps

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