You can have the backyard where everyone wants to hang out. If you have dreams of being the host site whenever your friends and family gather, it’s time to take your yard design to the next level. Put the following ideas into practice, and everyone will look forward to a get-together at your house.


Deter Pests with Your Garden

Biting, stinging insects can really put a damper on outdoor fun. Although chemicals can help keep them away, you might be looking for a more natural solution. Thankfully, a variety of garden plants, such as lemongrass and marigolds, are known for repelling mosquitos and other insects. Edible plants that deter pests include mint, garlic, basil and rosemary.


Arrange Seating for Conversation

Nothing welcomes guests to your backyard like having plenty of comfortable, spacious seating. To encourage interaction among the people you’ve invited to your get-together, it’s important to carefully arrange your furniture. A luxury outdoor furniture consultant designer would advise that conversation is easiest when chairs are no more than two feet apart. To make your seating area even more versatile and appealing, cover the space with a retractable shade so that guests won’t be inconvenienced by bright sunlight or light sprinkles.


Create Warmth with a Fire Pit

Although summer days are hot, the nights can get cool. When the sun goes down, it’s time to light a backyard fire. You can purchase a ready-made fire pit that sits low to the ground or opt for a fire bowl that’s built into a tall table. There’s even the option to build your own fire circle out of concrete blocks. Whatever method you choose, just make sure that there’s plenty of seating nearby so that everyone can safely gather around the warmth of the flames.


Encourage Fun with Backyard Games

To encourage your guests to mingle and interact, stock your yard with enticing playthings. Whether you’re hosting kids, adults or a mixed-age group, games are known to bring out the fun-loving side in everyone. Horseshoes, croquet and beanbags are common outdoor games. If you want to take your backyard play area to the next level, install a few miniature golf holes, a rock-climbing wall or life-size chess board.


If your backyard doesn’t yet have the feel you want, it’s time to get to work. Add useful plants, welcoming seating, a cozy fire pit and fun games. Soon, you’ll have the best backyard on the block.