Coffee has long been a staple of morning beverage drinkers, finding a place alongside fruit juice, milk, and other traditional favorites. Many set the timer on their coffeemakers to have their favorite brew ready when they get up in the morning. Some people have their usual cup or two of java before heading off to work or otherwise starting their day. But sometimes it can be fun to mix things up a bit, even with the morning coffee routine. Here are a few options to consider.

Try Different Blends

Whatever your favorite blend, such as light, dark, or in between, sample something different. Try a blonde roast or Turkish-style coffee. With many to choose from, you can spend literally weeks or months browsing a range of coffee experiences, from mellow and light to rich and hearty. Check out a full line of coffee flavors to find those that appeal to you most.

Experiment with Coffee Beverage Recipes

Check out new coffee recipes online or buy a beverage recipe book to learn more about all the different ways you can enjoy morning coffee. You might try a latte, an expresso, and an iced coffee in various flavors, like seasonal favorites or new taste sensations that can be purchased online or found at local coffee shops and import stores. Coffee shakes, smoothies, and frappes add more options to your morning beverage of choice. Get adventurous with new flavors you haven’t tried before for both the coffee and creamer products.

Host a Morning Coffee Party

Invite friends or colleagues over for a coffee bar get-together. Provide a few different ways to make coffee, from instant to coffeemaker or expresso machine. Have a Keurig on hand, along with Starbucks K-cup pod products, for quick and easy brew that comes in several different flavors. Enhance the coffee experience with an accompaniment of fresh bakery croissants, scones, or bagels.

Bake Coffee-Flavored Breakfast Treats

Use your favorite coffee flavor to bake up some yummy breakfast sweets. Coffeecake, sweet rolls, and muffins are just some of the goodies you can enjoy at the start of your day. Take some to work for lunch, or leave extras for spouse and kids. Mocha, a popular coffee flavor mixed with dark chocolate, makes great icing for cookies and cupcakes, too.

If your morning coffee is here to stay, change it up now and then with options like the above. Coffee’s versatile hot or cold variations can perk up anyone’s breakfast.