Living with someone that suffers from anxiety can be difficult for both parties. You want to try and help them and give them the support they need, and they don’t want to be a burden on you and the family. While it can be a difficult time, there are ways that you can try to help and support your partner so that they can manage and perhaps even overcome their anxiety.

Don’t Try to Fix Them

Although they may want you to support them and help them, they don’t want you to pressure them. If you make them feel that they have to get better, then this will only add to their unhappiness and could cause them to get worse. You need to show them that you love them for who they are and not what they could be or what you want them to be. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but if you love them, then it is worth the effort to support them.

Try Not to Explain Their Fear

Almost anyone that has anxiety knows that the fear they are feeling is irrational and completely unproductive, but that doesn’t mean that they can control it. Even though you might be trying to help, try not to tell them their fear or anxiety is irrational or that nothing is going to happen. It will make them feel that you are not taking their problem seriously, and this can cause other issues. You also shouldn’t make fun of it either, as this can cause them to feel ridiculed and a joke. If they find it funny or make a joke of it, then you can agree, but don’t be the instigator.

Help them to Get Help

Getting help for anxiety isn’t always easy, but if your partner wants to find help, then you should try to do your best to help them get it. You can do some research to find a local therapist or go with them to see your doctor. Many people with anxiety feel ashamed, so it is important that you try to support them if they reach out. If they find the experience a negative one, then they are likely never to try to seek help again, which would be difficult for both of you.


Some doctors can offer medication to help people with their anxiety. If they are offered to your partner, let them make the decision to accept or not. For some with anxiety, they don’t want to rely on medication. There are also other options like CBD oil that can be effective. Many sites have pure CBD oil for sale either in small bottles or in bulk through wholesale suppliers.

There is no doubt that suffering from anxiety is one of the worst things you can experience. It can often feel like you are the only one with this problem, so if you can be supportive and caring towards your partner, then you will be giving them exactly what they need.

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