The internet is a great tool for all ages to access a wide variety of information. This statement is just as true of grandparents as it is for anyone else. Helping your grandparents use the internet well, however, could take a little extra planning and effort than would be required for someone who understands technology more thoroughly. Once you get them going, however, you can be sure that they’ll be able to get plenty of use out of this incredible service. Here are a few ways to help your grandparents make the most of their newfound connectivity.

Install Screen Sharing Software

From time-to-time, everyone encounters issues when using technology. For your grandparents, even simple issues may become major frustrations when it comes to using the internet. To prevent long and frustrating phone calls as you try to direct them to a solution, it’s a good idea to install screen sharing software on their computer so you can access it remotely and easily fix any issues they’re having. They may be uncomfortable with this capability at first, but once you’re able to quickly fix the problems they’re having, they’ll be quite thankful.

Set It up Correctly

For some grandparents, using the internet may not be the issue, as there are numerous ways in which to access the internet in today’s world. For these individuals, the problem may be properly installing and setting up the hardware that is necessary to get online in the first place. To ensure their internet runs smoothly at all times in all areas of their home, it may be a good idea to utilize wi-fi system installation services when new equipment is first obtained. This ensures that they have a robust home network that will meet their needs, both now and in the future.

Make Notes

If there’s a particular process that your grandparents seem to struggle with, it’s a good idea to write out step-by-step instructions to help them along. Providing them with these instructions will help them gain independence and confidence as they’re able to navigate these confusing processes on their own. This extra confidence may even lead them to try new processes themselves without consulting you, first. If you have a professional service like those offered on install their system, remember to instruct the installer to leave helpful notes along the way.

Have Patience

Above all, the best gift you can give to grandparents when they’re trying to learn how to use the internet is patience. There will be times, especially at first, when it seems like they’re always asking for help. Just remember, though, that just as they’re not experts in using the internet, there are many things you’re likely inexperienced with, as well, and would require assistance were you to attempt them. Let that be your guiding principle as you seek to help grandparents become masters of the internet.

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