These days, school supplies come in an almost unlimited array of colors, styles and even themes to choose from. From pencils to backpacks to notebooks and lunch boxes, your child can go to school decked out with gear featuring anything from their favorite graphic novel characters to their favorite hobbies and interests. Having supplies that reflect their tastes and interests, however, can be even more special if they are personalized. Personalized school supplies not only make your child’s supplies uniquely their own, but they can also help get them returned if they become lost or misplaced. Here are 3 fun ways to personalize your kid’s school supplies.


Let Them Decorate Them Themselves

Just because you can buy binders, notebooks and other supplies with preprinted graphics doesn’t mean you should. Your child might have a great time decorating their own notebooks and binders with stickers, photos or even their own drawings. They can cover pencils and other small objects with washi tape and even personalize objects like computer cables or power cords. Preparing their own school supplies might even be a fun craft you can do together. In addition to creating a unique work of art, you can also save a great deal of money by buying plain supplies and allowing your child to decorate them themselves.


Get Them Embroidered

From backpacks to jackets to school uniforms, you can create a unique and personalized look by having your child’s name embroidered on their supplies. You can also purchase unique embroidered appliqué patches to create an even more personalized and special look. Applique embroidery patches can also be applied to almost anything, not just fabrics. You can choose from thousands of pre-made designs or even use special software to design your own unique creations.


Use Stamps

Stamps can offer you an almost unlimited amount of creative and personalizing potential. You can even use potatoes to create your own customized stamps. You can use either markers or stamp pads for ink, which can be either water soluble for easy clean-up or permanent for longevity. You can also use a wide range of embossing powders to create either a 3-D effect or add some sparkle and pizzazz.


These days, there are literally thousands of ways to send your kids back to school with their own unique school supplies. As much as kids may want to fit in with other kids, they also want to stand out and be unique. You can help them bridge this gap by allowing them to express their unique personality, style, and taste with all their favorite school supplies.