Old junker cars are something of a rite of passage for American teens as their first vehicle. However, these cars actually offer a number of benefits for teen drivers. Consider these five reasons why old junker cars are perfect for new teen drivers.


They’re Cheaper to Insure

Older cars cost less to insure and may not be worth covering under collision or comprehensive, which can offset the higher costs that are usually associated with insuring teen drivers. This lesser cost will be a smaller burden on your and your teen’s finances. Your teen can decrease the cost to insure them as a driver by maintaining a safe driving record as they age, and many insurance companies offer other discounts as well.


They’re Heavy, Sturdy and Reliable

While older cars lack some modern safety features and tend to get less gas mileage, they can make up for it by being heavier and sturdier. The added weight of these old cars can cause them to sustain less damage in a wreck and offer more sturdy protection for your teen. Some older vehicles are so sturdy that they are nearly impossible to destroy.


They’re Less of a Loss If They’re Totaled

Older cars aren’t worth as much, so if your teen does get into an accident, damage or fully total the car, the financial loss will be far less. This is also true if your teen ruins the interior. You likely will not have to worry about keeping the car in good condition to resell it.


They Cost Less

If your teen wants a car and you don’t have much money, or they are trying to save up for a vehicle themselves, then you will likely be searching for a cheaper car. You want to teach your teenager to not buy more than they can afford. Usually, the only kind of car a teen can afford is an older one.


It Teaches the Importance of Proper Maintenance

Older cars generally need more maintenance in order to stay roadworthy. This is good experience for teens because knowing how to fix and maintain a car is a highly practical skill. There are plenty of places that sell used auto parts for older cars to replace anything that breaks.


Older cars are often a good choice for teen drivers. They teach responsibility, are sturdy and cost less. Your teen will appreciate the freedom and you will love bonding with your teen over their new pride and joy.