Are you bored with looking at the same plain staircase every day? If you are, then do something about it. You can change an uninteresting set of stairs into a cool design feature that can add a sense of color, style, fun or personality to your home. You just need to have imagination, and some time and patience, if you are going to complete the makeover yourself.

There are many different ideas when it comes to updating the look of a staircase. Let’s examine a few to give you inspiration and spark your imagination.

Metal for a modern or traditional feel

A metal staircase can give a whole new feel to your home. As the experts at Active Metal say professional metal staircase designers can “start from scratch or work with your plans, the possibilities are endless”. Metals such as stainless steel can be used in conjunction with glass for a clean and modern look. If you are looking for a design that has a hint of elegance than you could consider ironwork for your staircase.

Rainbow colors to make you smile

There is nothing like a splash of color to bring the feel-good factor to a home. Using soothing pastel shades to paint the risers on your staircase can be a real crowd pleaser. Keep the colors soft and subtle and make the best use of natural light to emphasize their shine.

Chalk on the wall for a quirky touch

It’s not just changing the stairs that you should consider; what about the wall that they run alongside? A great idea, if you have kids, is to create a whole chalkboard wall. They can create a different design each day and then simply wipe it off and start again. Of course, you could also use this type of wall yourself; for appointment reminders or simply when your inner child needs some creative time.

Use tiles on the staircase as well as walls on floors

You may never have thought of using tiles on the risers of your stairs before, but it works. You can be as creative as you like, using a different pattern of tiling for each stair. This is a quirky design idea that means you can be sure that no-one else will have the same feature in their home. It’s worth noting that even tiling a wall can be difficult, so tiling this restricted area may need a professional’s touch.

Make use of your creative side

This idea is perfect for anyone who loves being creative. You simply need to paint your way up the stairs creating a fresh hand-painted design on each riser as you go. You get a blank canvas on which to unleash your painting skills and a one of a kind staircase that is sure to be a talking point. If you would rather not paint free hand, you can create stencils to use, or purchase them from an art or decorating store.

Never just sit back and make do with a boring staircase. Turn those stairs into the beautiful feature that you want them to be.