It is almost certain that a vehicle will fail to start, blow a tire or otherwise experience problems during its lifetime. Therefore, your teen driver should be ready for when that day comes. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that you can take to help your teen prepare for vehicle trouble.

Have an Emergency Kit in the Car

As soon as your son or daughter starts driving, be sure to put an emergency kit in his or her vehicle. This kit should include tools, a flashlight and bottled water. It should also contain a blanket and nonperishable food to stay warm and full in the event that help won’t arrive for several hours.

Explain How to Change a Flat Tire

Most cars come equipped with a spare tire and a jack to elevate the vehicle while the new tire is being put on. However, these tools are useless if your teen driver doesn’t know how to use them. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to spend a Saturday afternoon teaching your son or daughter how to change a tire and make other basic repairs.

Enroll in Emergency Roadside Service Programs

It is easier to stay cool and collected under pressure when you know where to turn for help. Parents should enroll their children in an emergency roadside program such as those offered by AAA or your insurance company. Your teen driver should also have the number of a local towing service in the event of an emergency. It can also be beneficial to have the insurance company’s phone number on speed dial to start the claims process after an accident.

Talk About the Signs of a Potential Breakdown

In some cases, a breakdown can be avoided by recognizing the signs and symptoms of poor brakes or other issues. For instance, a car that isn’t starting properly may have a worn alternator. If it won’t start at all, the car may simply need a jump prior to having the battery tested. Fluid leaks or whining sounds in the engine could also be signs that the car could stop working altogether if it isn’t inspected soon.

There are few things worse in life than a car that won’t run. However, if you prepare your teen properly, he or she will be able to remain calm and handle the situation appropriately. Understanding what to do in an emergency situation can help a person stay safe and limit the damage done to the vehicle.