Is it time to redecorate your master bedroom? First of all, it might be worth considering why you want to do this. Many parents will forgo improving their own bedroom so that their children can enjoy an improvement with higher priority.

It’s likely you’re also incredibly busy, meaning that this room may only be used when falling down with tiredness at the end of the day, perhaps reading a few chapters of your book and then relaxing in a deep, peaceful sleep until the daily routine comes knocking once more in the morning.

However, decorating your master bedroom, even if considering both of these reasons to be hesitant, can be a wonderful option. First of all, you deserve a little luxury. Redecorating your sleeping space can help your relaxation time feel fresh, and can contribute to even better sleep hygiene.

It can help you feel worthwhile, as we all deserve to feel taken care of from time to time, even if that’s by our own hand. It might be that some of the features and furniture implements in this room are in dire need of an upgrade. If you’ve had a book underneath one of your bed legs to balance it for over a year, this might apply to you.

But where, when and how could you hope to redecorate this master bedroom? How might you begin to do so? Well, consider these methods of reupholstering and redecorating your space, and you’ll likely get started with a bang:


How long has it been since you replaced your mattress? While these can often function in the long term, sometimes this mindset might prevent you from realizing when a mattress is either dysfunctional or frankly, unhygienic. It might be that you deserve an upgrade. Not only can this help your sleeping quality, but it might future proof for perhaps the next decade.

Consider going for a high-quality mattress, as this will often last the longest and require the least amount of maintenance in the long term, as well as being more comfortable to sleep on. Consider donating your old mattress to charity after cleaning it, as this can often be used to help the homeless or provide relief to places that are less fortunate than where you might be.


It might be time to consider how light enters your bedroom. Curtains can often be a beautiful method of decorating the window, but if they’re larger than the window frame itself, or if you’re simply tired of washing them often, they can feel a little constricting or perhaps too much effort. It might be that purchasing custom blinds could help you retain that minimal comfort that you’re hoping for, and provide you with more privacy than you might have usually enjoyed.

These blinds could also be fitted closer to the actual window arch, meaning that they could darken the room in a much more satisfying way than simply installing a curtain pole that juts out and allows light to bounce in through the top opening. Curtain poles also have the habit of jutting out into your room, perhaps taking up two inches more space than they should. This is why minimal blinds can help a room feel bigger, even with such small space savings.


If you’ve considered what window protection and decoration to apply in the form of blinds, you might now turn your attention to the window itself. How is the quality of the glass holding up? How are the window arches? Is the wood still quality or is it suffering? Is the window clean on the outside, and might it be worth hiring a professional to clean or power wash this dirt?

It might be that you consider this with more frequency if living in a city environment, or that you decide to take efforts to reinstall the entire window. A window arch dictates the aesthetic of a room to a degree you might not have realized, although it is, of course, obvious that the hygiene of a window will dictate just how much light is let in.

Couple a window washing with a great mirror to be hosted at your bedroom makeup table, and you’ll be surprised just how much more light could enter your room, taking you by surprise despite living in the property for a number of years thus far. You’ll only know if you try.

With these simple tips, redecorating your master bedroom will likely be high on your priority list.