Sometimes, you lose focus in what you’re doing or on your goals for the future, and not for any particular, or apparent, reason. It’s important to remind yourself that this is normal and that everyone, at some point in their lives, feels the same way. Humans are not infallible, and they make mistakes, and they suffer setbacks from time to time, and again, this is perfectly normal. What’s important is knowing how to recover and pick yourself up after suffering from a period of apathy, boredom, and loss of energy. Getting back on track isn’t far out of reach, you’ve got to recognize what’s going to be helpful for you, and what’s not.

Figure Out Why You Lost Your Spring

As aforementioned, sometimes there’s no cause as to why you lost your ambition, however, at other times there is. If you can determine why you think you lost track, then you put yourself in a good position to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you’re worried about aging, then be sure to check out inspirational individuals who don’t let age stop them and the amazing over 50s putting old on hold; SunLife are proud to show that age is just a number, with Doc Price still tattooing at the age of 85. Run through recent events that have happened in the near recent future and try to pinpoint when you think you started to lose your motivation. If you’re concerned about your health, then don’t hesitate to seek help and get the assistance you deserve.

Get Out And About

Physical activity is a fun and effective way to banish that unpleasant sluggish feeling you get when you’ve been inactive and sat stagnating for hours on end. When you’re not encouraging blood flow to your brain, you can feel tired and bored. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins which are natural chemical highs that work by making you feel happier, more positive, and energized. Join local sports teams, begin jogging outdoors, take your dog or your neighbor’s dog for long walks, or play swing ball in your backyard, for example.


Making friends is exciting, and you should try and approach the possibility of making friends wherever you go; after all, you’ve got one life and you might as well welcome as many people into as you can. Consider making friends online if you’re somewhat restricted by living in a small town or neighborhood, and reconvene with friends that you haven’t seen for a few years, either by traveling to see them, writing to them, calling, texting, or emailing them.

Try Something New

Without sounding overly cliché, try and get outside of your shell and your comfort zone in order to find a new lease on life. This can entail many things, but you should find an activity that interests you, and in which you feel you could benefit from. Yes, it might be outside the confines of what you know and what you’re used to, but doing so is going to help push you, and with any luck, help you to unearth new topics, passions, interests, and experiences. You should be looking for sources of inspiration around you at all times, so get out there and try something new and unexplored by you.


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