There are four hidden dangers in your home that can threaten your family’s health, but by having an awareness of these problems, you can eliminate the dangers to protect your family. Find the time to determine if your home has any defects that can make you ill. Here are the problems in your home that can lead to medical issues.


Hidden Mold Can Make Your Family Ill

You might have hidden mold inside your home in locations such as attics, ductwork and between the walls. If you have a stuffy nose, itchy skin or watery eyes, then you are experiencing an allergic reaction to mold contamination. In addition, some species of mold are more dangerous, causing an infection in your lungs or inside your brain. Contact a mold removal company to have this toxic substance cleaned from the hidden areas inside your home.


Does Your Home Have Lead-based Paint?

If you live in an older home, then you might have lead-based paint on the walls, and this can pose a danger for you and your children. As the paint on surfaces degrades, it turns to powder before trickling down onto surfaces such as carpets, beds and toys. This means that your children can ingest the lead after placing a contaminated item into their mouths.


Have You Installed a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Your home could have low levels of carbon monoxide from defective air ducts and climate-control equipment. Carbon monoxide can also invade your home from decayed fireplaces or chimneys. It is essential to have climate-control equipment inspected for leaks, and you should also call a chimney sweep.


Get Rid of Filthy Rodents and Insects

If you have an insect or rodent infestation in your home, then you can call a company like Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control. Cockroaches are contaminated with salmonella after crawling through the sewer lines that are attached to your home, and the insects deposit pathogens on surfaces such as kitchen countertops and toothbrushes. Rodents also transmit pathogens such as intestinal worms and fleas.


How Can You Protect Your Family?

You must check your home once a month for any problems that can cause illness. Some of the signs to look for include seeing rodent droppings on the floor or seeing discolorations on the walls. The symptoms from lead poisoning include frequent headaches while the symptoms from mold contamination can include sneezing frequently.