For many people, the thought of relocating is stressful on its own. Adding children to the mix only seems to make things even more challenging. However, one facet people rarely ever address involves how to tell your children that the family is moving in the first place. It’s best to prepare for the emotional toll it might take on them. Consider these four tips as you prepare to inform your children of an impending move.

Create a Positive Memory Around It

If you don’t think your children will take the news well, consider creating a positive memory around the news. Perhaps you can take the children out to their favorite local ice cream shop or spend the afternoon at their favorite park. It’s best to make this a family moment. Don’t invite other friends as this is a private matter that needs to be absorbed and processed within the family context first.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

It’s not uncommon for children to ask questions. Many children are naturally inquisitive. This is especially true in settings where they don’t know what to expect because they’re walking into a new situation. Make sure your children know that it’s okay to ask questions and that you’re open to whatever they need to be happy during this transition.

Make Sure the Process Is Seamless

Moving companies are really helpful as they can actually do the heavy lifting for you. When you don’t have the stress of carrying heavy boxes and furniture, you end up having more time to spend with your children. It also allows you to relax a little bit. In addition to using the services of movers, consider a cleaning service for when the house is empty. It’s also a great idea to consider your meal planning ideas ahead of schedule. After all, everything is packed up in boxes and your family still needs to function. Explain to your children everything that will be happening to make sure that the process goes as stress-free as possible. This way, your children won’t feel too anxious and worry about the details that ought to be left up to the adults anyways.

Create a Safe Space for Your Children to Share Their Emotions

If your children find themselves sad and wanting to cry, be a source of comfort for them. If one is excited and the other isn’t, try to be sensitive to both emotions. Make sure to highlight the positive aspects of the move. This might help a child look forward to the move or see it in a different light.

Take it one step at a time and understand their emotions are a part of the process. Relocation is tough and while some children might be happy about it, others might not be. As long as you make room for these tips and remain receptive to what your children need, the family will be just fine.

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