No one sets out on a course leading to a life that is out of control and full of panic. You did not deliberately invite stress and anxiety to invade your soul and crowd your life. Nonetheless, people and events other than yourself control your life. Regaining control over your own life is possible and will happen if you practice a few techniques to learn new habits.

Practice Saying the Word No

Often, people around you do and say things to enlist your assistance and encourage you to pick up responsibilities not assigned to you. At work and at home, it seems other people turn their jobs over to you. Listen for phrases designed to provoke your guilt until you agree to their requests. Sometimes, people innocently ask you to help with a community event. These people will not display anger when you decline to participate.

A big, red, blinking sign should flash in your head when someone displays irritation, anger or irrational behavior when you state you cannot or will not acquiesce to their latest demand on your time and energy. The word no is a complete answer. People who take your emotional energy will demand reasons and explanations. Do not fall for this tactic as they will counter every reason you provide. Simply say no. You are not available.

Tune out and Relax

Find an activity you enjoy doing and schedule a daily appointment to do it. Water is a soothing way to relax and unwind. Your mental health is a vital component to your physical well-being. Consider getting a backyard spa, like those from Aqua Spas and Pools, to create your own oasis from the world.

Without relaxation, you have no way to put your world into the proper perspective. It is important to recalibrate your mind and your thoughts every day. Allowing your mind to wander freely while relaxing among water jets in your spa will bring surprising answers to the questions running endlessly in your mind.

Get Regular Exercise

Practice a routine that includes daily exercise routines. Running or swimming provides exercise while allowing your mind to reach a zone free of stressful events. You may want to contact a company that does pool construction in WA or wherever you may live to give you quick and easy access to your exercise zone. Give yourself the opportunity to live a better life.

Regaining control of your life takes strength and energy. Practice exercise routines designed to work the muscles in your body and brain. Experts agree that swimming provides high benefits to your mental health, as well as exercising your body.

Unplug on a Regular Basis

Do not be afraid to literally unplug your phone and your electronics. You will accomplish your best critical thinking when you have no distractions interrupting your thoughts. People and events gradually gain control in your life by creating distractions. Chaos keeps you busy trying to control your stress and anxiety. If you are busy, you will not notice the demands and responsibilities laid at your door without your permission.