No one enjoys feeling as though they’re a buffet for bugs. Your kids and you don’t want to deal with those scratchy, little bites. Here are some solutions to keep bugs away from your kids this summer.

Schedule Your Activities

Mosquitos and other types of biting insects are most active during dawn and dusk. The majority of insect bites will occur during this timeframe. Consider scheduling your outdoor activities around this restriction to prevent bug bites. You may even want to consider avoiding areas of high insect activity, such as water sources. There are still lots of kid-friendly activities that are available during the summer months.

Use Sprays When Needed

There are a variety of sprays that are designed with your kids in mind. Read the ingredient list and the instructions before deciding to apply them to your children’s skin. Most sprays aren’t designed to be applied to areas of the skin that don’t have an abrasion. Many of these types of sprays are safe for young children and infants. Then, you don’t have to worry about canceling your fun, family activities.

Citrus Can Repel

Insects don’t like the smell of citrus fruit. This includes items like oranges and lemons. Using the peel, you can apply this to your child’s skin. It’s safer and more natural than the commercial insect repellants that are available. Make it a fun activity in which your kids get to rub the peel on their own skin. Another solution is to grate the peel and surround your yard to prevent an insect incursion.

Invest in Screens

Consider installing screens on your windows and doors to prevent bugs from getting inside your home. Retractable flyscreens are an option if you want to keep your home bug and bite-free. You can still get some airflow in your home without having to worry about the bugs taking up residence inside. This will allow you a safe place to hang out when the bug ratio outside is too high.

Consider Wearable Solutions

Having to spray your kids down with bug repellant may not be the best solution or the most fun. Purchase a bug repelling bracelet that your kids won’t mind wearing. It generally lasts longer than sprays and other more natural solutions. They can play outside all day without you having to worry about reapplying any treatments. This can help to eliminate some of the worries that you may have in regards to bug bites.

Bug bites are itchy and annoying, especially for young children. Look into fun alternatives that can protect your kids from all of the dangers that insect bugs may present.