Traditional marketing includes a range of methods, including TV and radio advertising and print media. It’s still relevant in today’s world, but it now needs to coexist with digital marketing. Social media is one of the main methods of marketing used online, and it’s essential that businesses don’t ignore it.

Different social media channels can be suited to different brands, but there’s usually at least one that will work for your business. You might think that it’s difficult to combine social media with traditional marketing but there are several things that you can do to connect the two.

Run a Competition

Competitions can be great for drawing in potential new customers, as well as keeping existing customers engaged. Social media makes it easy to run a competition and you can combine it with offline elements too. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all useful platforms if you want to run a competition.

You can offer an “offline” prize, whatever that might be. It could be one of your own products, or perhaps you can partner up with another brand. You can promote an online competition offline using various materials and methods. Mention it in an advert or on a flyer, or use word of mouth to spread your message.

Promote Events Online

Holding events takes a lot of time and effort, as well as money, but it can be a highly effective way of promoting your brand. Whether you hold a corporate event for investors or a charity event, you need to get people interested.

Social media is an extremely useful tool to promote your event and encourage people to attend. Facebook has a specific events function so that you can create an event page that’s connected to your business page. Just remember that the people who say that they’re attending or interested on Facebook won’t necessarily reflect the numbers you get on the day of the event.

Print Social Media Handles on Marketing Materials

Direct marketing is still a useful method of spreading your message. Whether you mail people promotional packets, hand out flyers or perhaps put flyers into each of your orders, printed materials can be powerful.

People will likely look at them for longer than they would an online advert. Make sure that when you choose your printing services, you ask them to put your social media handles on your material. Put a link to your Facebook page or the handle for your Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat on your flyers, brochures and business cards.

Conduct Market Research on Social Media

You can gain a lot of insight from doing some market research and learning more about your customers. It’s not something that you have to do offline – in fact, social media can make it easier. You can use your social media pages to conduct surveys and collect feedback about your products and services. Ask people about the experiences they have had and what they would like to see from you in the future.

It doesn’t take much to combine social media with more traditional marketing methods. There are several ways you can do it to benefit your brand.