If you have a fearless teenager, you can suggest certain activities that are both thrilling and safe. Being a daredevil doesn’t always have to involve getting hurt, and your teen can partake in thrill-seeking adventures that won’t greatly increase the chances of suffering bodily harm. Here are four ways to help your teen get their thrill without getting hurt.

Try Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving offers a much safer alternative to parachuting out of an airplane. Vertical wind is used in a wind tunnel to simulate the sensation of falling from the sky. An instructor will be on hand to provide guidance and ensure safety. Most indoor skydiving facilities provide goggles and additional safety equipment. Indoor skydiving also serves as a great training tool if your teen ever wants to try real skydiving someday.

Go Shark Cage Diving

Your teen will have the opportunity to get close to some of the sea’s most ominous predators without being in danger. A sturdy cage will surround your teen to provide protection from sharks while diving. Your teen may get the chance to see some great white sharks along with other magnificent sea creatures. A safety briefing will be given to your teen prior to diving. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, some of the best places to go shark cage diving include the Shark Reef Aquarium at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay and the Farallon Islands in California.

Go on an off-Roading Adventure

Off-roading can be a safe experience for your teen with the right equipment and training. Your teen can choose to go off-roading using a jeep, motorcycle or another type of vehicle that can handle rough terrain. Bob’s Cycle & Snowmobile Supply is just one of many online retailers that sells safety gear such as helmets, goggles and carbon knee braces. Durable pants and jackets can be purchased from these online retailers as well. There are even driving manuals and instructional classes that can teach all the important off-roading safety tips.

Try Paintballing

Some indoor and outdoor recreation centers feature paintballing areas that allow participants to shoot one another with paintball guns. Teams compete against one another to try to get the most shots on their opponents. Certain courses consist of mazes or have hiding spots and other obstacles to make the game even more exciting. Your teen will be dressed in protective clothing to prevent injury. A facemask will also be worn to shield the eyes and other vulnerable areas of the face and head.

There are many ways for your teen to explore their daredevil side without being put in harm’s way. By finding the right activities, you’ll help your teen have some fun in a more responsible manner.