Whether it’s grabbing the new keys or experiencing the new car smell, it’s nice to drive off of the dealership lot with a new car. As your family continues to grow, you’ll be able to experience purchases with them. A major purchase like a car is an important one to make. Consider these four tips when you’re making your decision.

Consider the Car Seats and Booster Seats

Small children are required to sit in car seats and booster seats. A parent can sit in the back seat with the child, but that child must stay in their car seat. There are strict rules against this. With this understanding, make sure that you purchase a car that’s spacious and allows for numerous car seats at one time. This is especially true if you plan to expand in the future.

Make sure that everyone can fit comfortably. If you have only one or two children, then you might want to consider looking into a more compact car. For example, you could look into a new Subaru WRX for sale. If you have three children, however, then a compact car may be a little tight for everyone to feel comfortable, and so it might be worth considering an SUV.

Think About the Gas Mileage

When you’re riding around in a compact car, gas mileage might not be that big of a deal. However, when you’re hoping in the car to take children to school, friends’ houses and after-school classes, it’s easy to burn through gas in a matter of days. Consider the gas mileage with each car. Also, don’t be intimidated by an SUV. SUVs get a bad reputation for using a ton of gas. Truthfully, there are many SUVs that use of the same amount of gas as some cars.

Remember the Maintenance Component

When you have a small family, you’re already doing a significant amount of home maintenance. You’re trying to manage the home, the kids and all of your other responsibilities. Knowing this, it’s wise to get a car that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Outside of the routine fluid changes and tire alignment, it’s good to get a durable and reliable car to transport yourself and your children through all of the elements.

Think About Storage Space

When you’re regularly taking one child to soccer practice and another to basketball, extracurricular activities take up physical space. You don’t want all of the kids sitting with multiple bags on their laps during the commute. Consider a vehicle that has a good amount of storage/trunk space. This way, it’s really easy to pop the trunk and store the gym bag, tennis racket or roller skates in there.

Do your research and don’t give up on the process. Write down your lists of desires and do your best to be flexible. If your family comes across a bunch of toads, you might get tested to settle. Don’t settle. Be realistic and hold on to what you’d like to drive. There’s always hope.