Getting engaged to the one you love is one of life’s most treasured moments, especially if you’ve been eagerly anticipating them getting down on one knee for a while now. However, once you’ve been proposed to (or have done the proposing yourself), it’s easy to become wrapped in a whirlwind of wedding planning. Thoughts on cake flavors, the theme and wedding attire can become all-consuming, but what about celebrating your engagement first?

Many enjoy throwing an engagement party, and if you and your partner are one of these people, celebrating with your loved ones and breaking the news with the helps of an engagement shoot can be nothing but glamorous. If you’re wondering how to strive for the best engagement shoots, read this guide for inspiration.

Choose your own ring

It is traditional for the person who proposed to pick the engagement ring before presenting it to their hopeful fiancé, however, in recent years many women have elected to choose their own ring so that it fits their finger correctly but is also the rings they’ve always envisioned. Perhaps the both of you went to trusted diamond ring sellers together beforehand, or maybe you had to awkwardly suggest you preferred something else, but the right ring is crucial because it’s going to be sitting on your finger for the rest of your life. Don’t be afraid to point out the cut, gem and band color you love; if you don’t say, then your partner will never know!

Pick a meaningful location

When people have their engagement shoot, they often choose from a select bunch of locations which can range anywhere from the place they got engaged to a place that is merely beautiful to look at. In any case, it is vital to choose somewhere that looks great but also holds worth beyond what money can buy. Doing so will to ensure the photographs have the perfect blend of a picturesque location and genuine emotion. Once you have picked your location, you should make sure you select the right time of day to bring out the colors of your surroundings. It is widely considered that the Golden Hour is the best time to cast a warm, romantic glow on any shoot, so be sure to arrange your shoot around this time.

Hire the right photographer

You could put all the effort in the world, but if you don’t select the right photographer your vision may come to a disappointing close. Make sure you have a wide selection of portfolios to browse through and speak to each photographer in person. You need to get a feel for their attitudes and learn how they work – for instance, one photographer may only like working in black and white, while another may be better for candid shots. All these ideas need to be openly discussed so that everyone involved walks into the shoot knowing what the end result should be and how you’re going to achieve it. Also, when on shoot, do not be afraid to voice your opinions or any concerns you may be having; if you don’t like the pose the photographer is asking you to do, then be sure to tell them.


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