As a dog owner, you’ll know how lovable these bundles of fur can be. The way that they snuggle with you at night is enough to melt your heart and it is a great way for you to feel rewarded at the end of the day. Of course, if you have never had a dog before then you may be a little nervous or intimidated by the amount of exercise they need.

You may feel as though it is just too much for your lifestyle and you may also feel as though you don’t have the time to look after them as well. If you want to avoid all of this then one thing that you can do is get a dog that requires much less exercise. When you do this, you can easily have all the fun of having a family pet without having to worry too much about extra-long walkies.

Pets Increase Your Overall Activity

A study has shown that those who have a dog were over 54% more likely to get the daily amount of exercise they needed when compared to those who don’t have dogs at all. You may not have a desire to get out there and walk every single day but that’s completely normal.

When you have a dog, however, it’s not up to you whether or not you want to walk and it is all down to what your dog needs. The constant reminder of having to walk is great if you live an inactive lifestyle and it can really help you to increase your overall activity.


Pets can also help you to ease the pain of being isolated. Dogs are great for conversation and they can make you feel far less lonely as well. They encourage you to get out there and see the local sights and they can also make you feel way more comfortable when you are out and walking alone as well.

They are a loving companion through and through, not to mention that they are always there to listen if you need someone to talk to. If you are thinking about buying a dog then you can easily look on to see if they have any dogs that take your fancy.


Pets can also help you to handle stress. One study showed that those who had a very high-stress job and high blood pressure benefited from having a pet. When they got the pet, their blood pressure lowered and they also had far less stress on a day to day basis as well.

A dog really can help to cheer you up as soon as you walk through the door, and their constant loyalty is enough to make you forget about all of the worries that you have right now. On top of that, a dog can keep the family fit!

Children’s Development

A dog is also great if you have kids! Dogs can help your child to develop at a much higher rate and this is especially the case if your children have ADHD or even autism. Pets can teach your kids how important it is to have a level of responsibility and it can also help them to communicate with one another as well. They can help them to learn more about themselves, those around them and more, not to mention that it also encourages them to take on more responsibility at a later date as well.

Immune Systems

Having pets in the home can really help you to boost your child’s immune system. Infants are far less likely to have pet allergies when they live with a pet, and they are also far less likely to experience eczema as well. Kids are also known to have higher immune systems when they live with pets, and this is ideal if you want your kids to grow up happy and healthy.

Easy Socializing

Approaching another person out of the blue can be incredibly nerve-racking but when you approach someone who has a dog, it isn’t that hard at all. A dog gives people something to talk about and it also helps them to feel much more comfortable and natural as well.

If you have a dog yourself then the whole conversation can stem from this and it is a great way for you to get out there and meet new people. All in all, dogs help to make conversation that bit more natural and it is the best way for you to meet new friends in your area.

Dogs are Calming

In the world we live in right now, there is so much hustle and bustle. People really do need to unwind and relax from time to time, and a dog is the best way to do this. A dog can help you to take a breather and it can also make you feel happier and calmer as well. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have because they really are a lovable part of your family.


When you teach your dog how to do a trick, this can really come with its own sense of empowerment. It can show you that you can do something right and it can also make you feel as though you have achieved something great as well. This is ideal if you want to get a boost in your life, and your dog will constantly be by your side throughout the whole process. Every time you tell them to sit, lie down or even roll over, you know that you taught them that trick and this can make you feel great about it every single time it happens.

So as you can see, a dog can give you a ton of benefits and it is a great way for you to really benefit your physical and mental health. It’s also great for the kids as well, so you know that you won’t have any problems at all when the time does come for you pick up a dog or even a lovable puppy for the very first time!