Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Not only is it one that impacts millions of adults, it also impacts children. Studies show that close to 40% of Americans are obese and 20% of children are obese as well. The best way to focus on changing the narrative is through being the change you want to see. Start with your family. Healthy eating, adequate amounts of rest and lots of water are some of the most important parts of the journey to health. Furthermore, it’s really essential to begin a habit of consistent exercise. Consider these four options for exercise and enjoy them with the whole family.



Swimming is a lot of fun for many people and it’s a family-friendly way to exercise. As long as everyone in your family can swim, it’s one of the most dynamic ways to work every single muscle in the body. Water provides excellent resistance for a solid workout. It’s also a low-impact workout so older members of the family can enjoy a swim without hurting their joints.



If you have little ones in your family, this is probably the time when they’re learning how to ride a bike. Purchase a bike rack, attach it to the top of the family car and drive over to the nearest park. Make sure everyone wears the appropriate protective gear and go for a ride. If the children are too small to ride their own bikes, attach a small caboose that allows you to pull your children as you exercise. It’ll also increase the effectiveness of your workout.



Yoga is such a stress reliever for many people who practice it. It’s perfect for anyone who is dealing with a ton of stress and anyone who really wants to learn how to stay in control of their emotions and bodies. One of the reasons people love yoga is because of its ability to provide flexibility and alignment for the body. There’s also a therapeutic meditation component in most yoga sessions. Attend a family yoga class and get the whole family involved. Facilities like California Family Fitness offer these types of classes.



Basketball is a sport for the whole family. Split the family up into two teams and prepare to enjoy lots of cardiovascular fun. There’s a lot of running, jumping and lunging involved. It’s really easy for anyone to burn a ton of calories as a result of a rousing game.


There are many people who just don’t enjoy anything about exercise. However, it’s a habit everyone should adopt and learn to love. These four options can easily be tons of fun, a great source of stress relief and they’ll also help you create wonderful memories with your family.