Following baseball can be great and there are tons of people to discuss your hobby with, but things can get a bit slow outside of the major seasons. If you’re the type who can’t just sit around and wait for the next game to air, you should look into some hobbies to fill up your time with that can still put you in touch with the sport. Thanks to computers and the Internet, there is no shortage of options in this area.

Form Your Own Fantasy Team

It’s hard not to hear about fantasy sports if your friends are avid sports fans, but it’s not just about football. A good online baseball game simulation can provide you with multiple hours of entertainment if it’s done well, and you can easily check your progress from time to time without investing too much into the game. This is contrary to the way more complex managers work, where you’re required to dedicate quite a lot of attention to the game over a longer period in order to see good results. Another great benefit of fantasy baseball is that it’s the perfect game for playing together with your friends.

Join an Online Community

If you like to talk about baseball as much as you enjoy watching a good game, you are missing out on a lot if you’re still not a member of a large online community focused on the sport. There are plenty to choose from, including some more specialized ones, such as communities revolving around certain local areas, so make sure that you search around carefully. Also, it might be a wise idea to follow the discussions a little at first instead of jumping right in, as every online community tends to have its own tone that’s important to follow. But other than that, you should be able to easily find a place where you’ll fit right in.

Follow the Caribbean League

Just because the MLB league is over, this doesn’t mean you have to sit and wait until the new season starts.  Instead, you could take an interest in the Caribbean series. ESPN often broadcast these matches, and you can also often find a number of online websites that broadcast the games too.  The Caribbean teams come from locations like Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela, and you’ll find a lot of fantastic Latin American talent as well as some well known US stars playing in the league.

You don’t have to limit yourself to waiting for the next game to air if you love baseball – not when there are so many opportunities to enjoy the sport in alternative ways! Just go online and see what you have available, and you’ll find that you don’t even have to spend a single cent to join many of those activities. But of course, if you’re the more serious type, you may definitely find some attractive opportunities to invest a bit more seriously into your entertainment activities.