There are many reasons to be a natural explorer. Not all of us feel this way in the beginning. However, there are reasons as to why life is much better when you’re comfortable out of your comfort zone. They all stem from a sense of agency and competence. They all have a very close connection to the art of being true to yourself. In this article, we hope to discuss the amazing benefits of heading for new horizons, and how this can help your mind, spirit, future, and overall levels of satisfaction.

Too many of us are content with comfort. For many of us in the privileged West, this can be one of the most insidious happenings in our life. While it’s truly a blessing we often aren’t plagued with war or other difficulties, there are many personal battles we must endure in the effort to be a good person content with life. It doesn’t happen accidentally, often becoming satisfied with our lot is a choice and nothing else.

Just think of the person who finds it worrying to head out of doors. They often spend their days in recreation outside of a job. They often find it fearful to go out. They might put on weight and feel awful about themselves, pushing into the cycle more deeply. It’s easy to see how depression and sadness can be a slippery slope.

Of course, we’re not making blanket statements about depression here. There are many reasons, neurological disorders and other happenings that can lead to clinical forms of depression. We wish nothing but support, love, and hope for those people. However, for that existential form of depression, there are methods we can all take to fight off the cobwebs, and the answer often lies with standing up straight with your shoulders back, heading out and experiencing something new.

Here’s How:

Start Off Small

Heading outside to new experiences can feel a little dizzying at first. You might not even be a timid person. You might head to work everyday, do your job efficiently and with merit, and come home driving a busy commute. Familiarity is often something we can do on autopilot, especially that moment when things become comfortable and predictable. If you’ve found this, it’s good that you have a comfortable and happy medium to live your life and be productive. Sometimes however, it can blind you from venturing out a little.

It could be that instead of sitting at home watching Netflix and drawing at the weekend (though a perfectly fine combination of activities,) you decide to drive to a town fifty miles away for the day, and sit in a random cafe to order a meal, striking up a conversation with someone. It could be that you simply decide to enter a yoga club that allows you to meet people similar to you looking for a sense of peace.

It might be that you take a risky vacation that you might not have otherwise enjoyed. This could be anything from heading to a European city or enjoying a beautiful cruise with All Cruise Hotels While none of this might sound like starting off small, it relatively is. This is because these activities are carefully packaged and wrapped in recreation, allowing you little stress with a beautiful and novel experience. You can adjust the variant degree of intensity to your liking.

The best part of this is that when you form one good experience, it snowballs into a desire for more. This is when you start to learn that passion for life is a fire. It must be maintained and catered for. However, even if you’re functioning off embers, a raging fire can once again be restored. Thinking of yourself like this will often help you nurture your energy to a better degree, and at least emotionally calibrate yourself so that new experiences add something, and not take energy away from you.

This can work even if you’re introverted to the core. Start small, and see where that gets you.


When you head out in the world, you are likely to encounter new people. This will happen some way or another. A chance and silly meeting with someone as you grab for the same airport luggage, or a quick chat with someone in a coffee shop to pleasantly go your separate ways. These moments seem like movie encounters, but they’re more real than that (of course.) Life is much more complex, amazing, unpredictable and memorable than any movie, and you have much more chance of meeting someone you gel with than sat in front of the silver screen.

As you move through to new locations, be that at a new rock climbing club, or even contributing to an online idea marketplace like reddit, you become connected to people with viewpoints that can either challenge or reconfirm your ideas. The important part is that you open yourself up to this. If you’re introverted you can still temper this with your need for rest. Open yourself up to new social adventures often, and you will find culture comes to you if you cannot initially travel to it.

Form A Goal

Often, something to orient you is all you need. A purpose might be too hefty for you to think about right now, especially when simply finding something new is important to achieve and relive once more. However, there’s no reason why you can’t find a goal and stick to it. A fun thing to do is make an oath to yourself. You can get very pretentious and ritualistic about this. Have a little fun. Write in your best calligraphy in your journal the goal you intend to stick to, and what you hope to do on a certain date.

Then push forward with it. It’s best if this allows you to exit the home and form a social contact. This will allow you to naturally progress and not worry about the artifice of meeting people or heading out for its own sake, as you have something to backup your effort and make forward progress mean something to you truly.

These things are not prescriptions, merely warm suggestions. They can help anyone who needs something new, or feels like life is becoming stagnant and sad. Often, these things can help us cope with difficulty, and become a stronger, more hopeful person. They can also help us respect ourselves once more, as the merit for heading out will always be yours.

We’d say that’s a pretty awesome deal.