Deep cleaning your home each spring is important to the overall care of your property and to your comfort level while at home. In fact, spring cleaning is so important that some homeowners also make deep cleaning efforts in the fall. These are special cleaning efforts that may take several days to complete, and they focus on more than superficial cleaning efforts that you may do weekly.

A smart idea is to create a list of projects that you want to tackle before you get started, and these are a few of the important chores that you should include on your spring cleaning to-do list.

HVAC Service

Your heating and cooling system requires annual maintenance in order to avoid unnecessary repairs and to ensure that the system operates with peak efficiency. This special service may include cleaning or replacing various components, replenishing fluids and more. Because of the specialized nature of this project, it is best to let a skilled and trained HVAC contractor complete the service. Spring may be the best time of year to schedule maintenance service because it can get your equipment ready for extensive use throughout the warmer months.

Pool Cleaning Service

The spring season is a wonderful time to take a closer look at your pool and hot tub. During the winter months, you may have allowed the pool to remain mostly untouched. Now, however, you may be gearing up to begin using it regularly again. Take steps to thoroughly clean the pool, and do not overlook the importance of pump cleaning and maintenance. Just as your HVAC system requires special maintenance, the same holds true for your pool’s equipment.

Charitable Donations

To thoroughly clean your home, you need to remove clutter in every room. As part of your efforts, spend time going through each room carefully. Open all drawers, cabinets and closets. Pull out items that no longer fit or that are no longer needed. After taking this step, you may have a huge pile of items that you need to get rid of. You should toss away junk that is in poor condition, and you can donate the remaining items to a charitable organization.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting and even exhausting project. You may need to recruit the help of all family members to get the job done faster. After cleaning your home, servicing essential equipment and removing clutter, you may find that you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home throughout the next several seasons.