Having a clean, sanitary home is one of the most comforting and secure feelings in the world. It can be a challenge to achieve this level of clean because it’s going to cost you a lot of money in supplies, a lot of time scrubbing, or a lot of physical pain from bending, kneeling and stretching. With our four housekeeping tips, you can save time and money but still enjoy a squeaky clean home.

Deep-Cleaning Tile Grout

Grout is notoriously difficult to clean and tends to not only absorb dirt and stains but can hold onto dirt and stains until an ugly and unsanitary build up is produced. Calling in a professional tile and grout cleaning company such as Jolly Carpet Cleaning can save you a lot of time and back-breaking work if you were to clean the grout yourself. These companies will use steam and powerful solutions to clean and sanitize your grout to make it look brand new.

Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboards are one of the most neglected areas of your home when it comes to weekly housekeeping. They are placed out of your immediate sight and barely draw any attention, but they collect dirt and dust like the other items in your home. To clean your baseboards easily, simply use a string mop. Dip the mop in warm, soapy water, squeeze out the excess water, and drag the mop down along the baseboards. This method is easy, cheap, and saves your back from strain.

Professional Window Cleaning

There’s nothing more beautiful than the sparkle of professionally cleaned windows. The only downside to this majestic vision is the price tag that usually accompanies a professional window cleaning. Cut out the expensive call to a professional by utilizing a trick that your grandparents discovered decades ago—newspaper. For a streak-free shine on windows, use your typical window cleaner and a newspaper instead of a cloth. Newspapers are cheap, contain no rugged fibers to cause scratches, and are printed with smear-free ink.

Go from Greasy to Squeaky Clean

Grease is something that you must fight with on a daily basis, especially in your kitchen. The problem with grease is that it’s difficult to clean without the use of strong chemicals, but you don’t want these strong chemicals lingering on your cooking surfaces either. Luckily for you, there are cheap and natural household items that can be used to cut out the grease and not leave a harmful chemical residue.

Although some of these housekeeping tips utilize natural household items, it would still benefit you to follow proper safety protocols when using these items and chemicals. Also, remember to wear protective gloves before you begin your housekeeping chores to protect your hands from drying and cracking.

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