You’ve gone through all the trials and tribulations of self-publishing what you thought was going to be a huge hit. Instead, it turned out to be a minor splash—but the people who read it said really great things. Now you’re thinking finding an agent for your ebook might help you get better traction in the mainstream marketplace. But how?

Read on…

Friends Helping Friends

Literary agents need writers to represent, for, without them, they have no work. However, writers counting upon them to get their work in front of the right people to make it pay big deluge most of them. To stand out, you’ll need an edge.

The best one of all is a recommendation from someone the agent respects. If you don’t know anyone, it’s time to surf your contact list to see if anyone you know knows somebody who knows somebody. If you’re lucky enough to get a referral, treat it like the privileged opportunity it is and go in prepared to make the right impression.  

If That Fails…

You’re going to have to do some legwork. A good place to start is with the acknowledgments section of every book you can find similar to yours. Most writers thank their agents, so this is a great place to harvest the names of agents who might have an interest in your work.

You can also search the membership roster of the Association of Author’s Representatives (AAR) to find people working in your area of expertise. Once you’ve identified some likely candidates, be careful to ensure you’re prepared to make…

The Right Impression

Ideally, agents want to see a marketable writer who has laid the groundwork for a lasting career. To demonstrate this, you’ll need to show a steadily growing social media audience and a solid email list. Your previous work must have garnered positive reviews, as well as good ratings. You must also consider how to sell ebooks on your own website.

Your product and your online presence should demonstrate sophistication, polish, and professionalism. Sales come as a result of putting in the work to capture the attention of a significantly sized audience. If you can accomplish this, it pretty much follows your work is good.

Introducing Yourself

If you have an existing connection with the agent, remind them of it so you stand out as being more than just another querying hopeful. Be sure to mention the type of book and summarize it in three or four sentences. Think of it as the synopsis you’d run with an Amazon listing, or on the back of the book. Briefly explain why you wrote the book and lay out the qualifications you have making you suited to write the book.

Keep in Mind…

Only send a copy of your book when you’re asked to do so. If you attend events or book signings in the hopes of meeting an agent, be chill about it. Dragging around a bag full of thumb drives containing the book and handing them out cold to everyone with whom you speak will make you look desperate. People won’t take you seriously.

Lather, Rinse & Repeat…

Odds are you’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before you land a prince. Patience is the watchword, as it is with any endeavor capable of changing the nature of your life. Finding an agent for your ebook can require quite a bit of time and effort. Think of it like washing your hair; be ready to lather, rinse and repeat—as many times as you must—to achieve the desired result.