It’s not easy finding a job that we love. When we do, we can feel like we’ve won the lottery; there aren’t too many people in society who enjoy the place that they work and their employers. However, while it’s important to appreciate how fortunate you are, it’s just as important that you don’t blindly accept everything that comes your way just because you’re lucky in this particular aspect of your professional life. Below, we take a look at some of the things you should keep an eye on and the firm stances you should take.

Making Yourself a Priority

You should always give your all to your job; it is the easiest, more satisfying way to get ahead in the world. However, you should only give as much as you’re expected to give. All of your efforts need to exist within the parameters of an overall, fulfilling life. If you find that your employer is asking you to pull too many late shifts, or asking you to fulfill duties that go beyond what’s in your job description, then that’s not OK. The relationship should be mutually beneficial; if it’s not, then take steps to correct it, and put on a level footing.

What’s Rightfully Yours

It’s always more enjoyable to work for employers that we like and respect. But it’s important not to let unacceptable things slide just because you think that you’re “friends” with your boss, or just because you don’t want to disrupt the positive atmosphere of the office. For example, you shouldn’t settle for a wage less than you deserve; if you feel like you’re working hard, then ask for a raise, and stand firm if you think it would be fully justified. Similarly, some people accept an injury at work because they don’t want to cause problems when in reality they should be hiring a workers comp attorney. If you stop yourself from receiving what’s rightfully yours because you want to maintain a smooth relationship, then the only person you’ll be hurting is yourself.

Matched Ambitions

You have all the skills and capacity to go very far in your career. The question is, does your employer match your ambitions? It’s always difficult to start thinking about other employment opportunities when you’re overall happy where you are, but if you stay still when it seems like your employer isn’t going to offer you a promotion, then you’ll only come to regret it later on in life. Your work commitment should be, first and foremost, to yourself. Of course, this is where a little bit of open communication comes in to play. Talk to your employers about your career ambitions, and gauge their response.

Respected and Valued

We’ve talked so far in this article about working in a place that you enjoy, but what if that’s not the case? Many people stay in jobs because it’s good for their career, or it provides stability in their lives, but these two will only take you so far. If your employer is asking a lot of you yet isn’t showing you enough respect, then you’ll want to consider moving on.

Remember, you’re the boss of your own life. Where you go in your career is up to you, and no-one else. Don’t overvalue your employers!