If you are ready to pull your hair out over your child’s behavior, realize that almost every parent has felt that way a time or two. There are, however, some common reasons that your child may choose to misbehave. Here are four ideas that you might want to consider.

Having a Poor Sense of Their Self-Image

If your child is obese or has another reason that they do not feel good about themselves, then they may choose to misbehave. You may want to find something that your child is good at and help them find a way that others can see their unique talent. For example, if your child is a good artist, then enter their work into a local art show. Your child’s sense of their self-image may also be impacted by depression or another mental health disorder.

Being a Bully

Children will often bully when they want to feel powerful or like they don’t have control over some part of their life. To help with this, have your child talk to a counselor with a masters in behavior analysis degree. Remember that children often copy the behavior of older siblings that they are around, so make sure to watch for bullying in your house. Set rules for your children when they are young, and be sure that they follow them. Teach your children that everyone is unique in their own way.

Experiencing a Lack of Motivation

You may find that your child does not seem motivated to complete a project. Talk to them about why they are feeling that way. Make sure that they have the supplies needed to complete the project. When possible, sit with them while they complete the project. Plan something fun for them that they will enjoy doing after they complete the project.

Talking Back

Many children will go through a period when they talk back often. Try to determine why the child is feeling that way. They may have a poor self-image or be trying to push boundaries. Let your child know what is acceptable and unacceptable for them to say. Place consequences on talking back, and be sure to carry through. Examine your own behavior to make sure that your child does not see you talking back.

While parents all dream of having perfect children, the truth is that no child is perfect all the time. Firm and consistent parenting will help your child.

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