Stay at home parents often find that they’re at a disadvantage when trying to return to the workplace. Depending on the length of your absence, your skills may be a little rusty. Here are some ways to reinvigorate your career.

Head Back to School

The workplace may have changed since you were last in it. One option to solve this problem is to go back to school in order to develop your skills. This can be difficult while raising your family. Look into online options, such as a DNP online program if you’re interested in nursing, instead of the more traditional school setting. These online programs allow you to focus on your studies in your own home. This can provide you with some much needed flexibility in your life.

Transfer Your Skills to Another Industry

Take a hard look at your resume and skills. You want to stand out from the crowd of other job seekers. Many job seekers may have a fresher set of skills. This can make them more appealing to the hiring manager. You may have to look at other industries in which your skills are applicable. This gives you a better shot at finding something that is a match for your skills and your level of experience. You may have to start out at a more entry level position than before you left the workforce.

Develop a Network

You may have stayed in touch with some of your old coworkers. If you didn’t, look into new ways to build up your reference network. It can give you an edge over other applicants if you have someone on the inside. This person can talk up your many attributes that may not be exhibited by your resume. Many managers will give employee referrals more consideration than on unknown applicant. This person is essentially vouching for your employability.

Volunteer to Gain Experience

Volunteering is one way to get out the house. It can also benefit you by giving you some valuable work experience. It may be unpaid, but you’re building your resume. You may even be building up your network through other volunteers. Some businesses encourage their employees to volunteer at these charities. This could help you demonstrate to a potential coworker that you can work hard. Managers may even give your volunteer experience more weight over another applicant who doesn’t have civic experience.

There are lots of ways to go about returning to the workplace. Just be prepared to have to work harder than other employees when you first come on board.