A tradition in most families, chores help teach responsibility and sharing them means you get some help around the house. According to Jim Fay, parenting expert, chores are actually a great way to help build the family. They help kids feel needed and let them know they’re making a contribution to the well-being of the family. To turn chores into a fun experience for all, make the most of them by giving your kids tasks they are old enough to help with.

Picking up Toys

You can never teach your children the benefits of picking up after themselves at too early of an age. For their toys, put together easily accessed spaces to give them a clear location of where their toys should go when they’re not being played with. Keep these areas unmoved in order to build good habits quickly.

Cooking Dinner

Interest in cooking starts at a young age. Now that your kids are old enough to begin reading and have control over their motor skills, it’s safe to let them into the kitchen every night to help you with dinner. Put together simple tasks for them, like measuring out spices they then get to put on the food. Don’t forget to follow up with a lesson in cleaning dishes, too.


We all have toilets that need to be cleaned. Though not the most glamourous job in the house, the toilet is an important feature that must be maintained. By far one of the most significant chores you can give your child is unclogging the toilet, should the issue arise. Plungers are as essential as the toilets they’re made for, and knowing how to use one is a mastery that will benefit them both at home and away. Another thing kids should be taught, is basic plumbing repair.  This skill will help them for their entire lives, so investing the time in it now is well worth it.


Now that your kids are tall enough to reach the washer and dryer, pass on your knowledge about cleaning clothes. Have them put the dirty clothes into a hamper every day and then task them with cleaning everything once the hamper reaches capacity. When it comes to putting away the dry clothes, make it more fun by turning on music they like and folding the clothes with them.

Chores are a necessary function of any household on top of being a way to bring families closer together. While it may not seem so at first, kids that contribute daily feel like they’re making a difference.