Having your first child is an exciting time. Planning your future together, taking care of them and ultimately raising them means there will many considerations and thoughts on your mind. Sadly, there will also be many different scares that can plague your mind and make parenting difficult. Baby scares are common among new parents and it’s important to find ways to calm those fears so that the stress of parenting doesn’t get to you.

In this article, we’ll be soothing some of the most common fears associated with taking care of a baby so that you can be happier and less worried about certain things.

Will my baby get sick if I take them outside?

Some parents are incredibly nervous about taking their children outside because they’re worried about germs and bacteria that could make their baby sick.

It’s actually important to take your newborn outside to get some fresh air. You should never leave your baby inside for too long unless they’re not healthy or your doctor recommends against it for some reason. Just make sure to put on enough layers to keep them warm, but not too many that they’ll sweat. Keep them out of direct sunlight and always watch over them and you’ll be fine taking your newborn out.

Will I need to stay in my baby room all the time?

During the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you might have a lot of concerns and questions related to their wellbeing and you might end up spending most of it in the same room with your baby. While this is natural as a parent that wants to be protective, you need to understand that you have to continue your regular life and occasionally leave your baby to sleep.

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So no, you won’t need to stay in your baby’s room all the time! Although your natural protective instincts might tell you to do so, you need to learn to continue your life and not spend every waking moment with your baby.

Will my baby choke on the foods I give them?

You might be worried about your baby putting strange random foods into their mouth, but you shouldn’t worry too much as long as you’re being sensible with what you feed them. As long as you chop food and puree them enough so there are no lumps and hard bits, your baby will be absolutely fine.

Babies have a naturally strong gag reflex which means that anything that doesn’t feel right in their throat will automatically be coughed up. However, it’s still good to ensure that you feed them correctly and keep food out of their reach so they don’t get curious and try to eat something they shouldn’t.