Sometimes in life, something will happen and make us look at the kind of lives we have. Of course, we all go through our own personal struggles, but sometimes we don’t realise just how lucky we actually are. One way of doing this is by changing the word ‘have’ into ‘get’. I get to go to work. I get to make money. I get to see my family. I get to go to school. I get to buy expensive things. It’s so easy to take things for granted, and this isn’t something you should feel guilty about – everyone does it. But one way you can change your outlook on things is by giving back.

If you aren’t quite sure how to do this – here are a few examples to get you started.

Donating to charity

If you own a tv, you’ll be used to the adverts that comes on our screen about all the people in poor countries that don’t have easy access to water or important medication. You can help by donating money to these organisations who will then use that to buy as many supplies as possible. From this, a form of transport is used to get things from A to B. This may be a ship or an aircraft like an antonov an 124 to get aid to those who need it.   

Another way you can donate is by handing in any of your unwanted things into the local charity shops you have in your area. This can be anything from clothes, books, shoes, and any other appliances. All the money that is made from your items are then given to the organization intended.

Volunteer yourself

There are places that you can choose to volunteer at in your spare time. This may be the local soup kitchens that help to feed the homeless, or organizations that look after the elderly, or the abused get back to living a normal life again without fear. If you aren’t aware of anything that goes on in your area, have a look online. You will find tonnes of different things you can apply yourself to. Sometimes they require people to take a trip out of the country and go to places where people need help. You may be sent to help people that have lost their homes due to them being destroyed by a storm or tsunami. Or you may help to build a school so young children are able to learn and obtain an education.

Lend a helping hand

If you’d like to keep things closer to home, then why not visit your next door neighbor who recently lost her husband. Go round with some food that you cooked, and share an evening with them. Ask if there’s anything you can do around the house, like cleaning or laundry. Or maybe their garden is getting a little overgrown – offer to mow the lawn and pull out the weeds. Just a little bit of company can go a very long way, as well as a listening ear, and a warm smile.