Technology continues to leave its mark on our lives every day, and one of the ways it’s doing that is through big data and data sciences. While it may seem scary, the data that gets collected about you and your family actually helps your family in immeasurable ways. The three examples below are only some of the cool ways your family thrives thanks to data sciences.

Things Run A Lot Smoother

Data sciences make a whole lot of everyday things run exceedingly smoothly. For example, data science allows grocery stores to stock many of the foods you like to eat and at the right amount. It allows for better experiences with specific industries and fields of study, like library sciences. It helps airlines schedule flights, predict delays and estimate how much service a route or area will need. You can order things online and have them arrive quickly because of improved shipping logistics that come from analyzing data. Companies predict how much of a product to make and what products they should make next based on what their corporate analysts, who analyze market data, tell them. All of these things help your family thrive, and it’s all thanks to data sciences.

It Has Improved Government Programs

Despite the ongoing debates about the role of government in people’s lives, the data doesn’t lie: government programs have drastically decreased the number of people in poverty over the last hundred years. Data helps local, state and federal governments do things like maintain infrastructure more efficiently by having the right amount of workers on a project at all times and planning out their workload in the most efficient manner. There are education programs for everything from public administration to library sciences, about which you can read more here. Your family can get to work, go to school, and get needed aid because of taxpayer dollars.

It Has Improved Healthcare

Data sciences have vastly improved your family’s healthcare. Doctors now have access to a massive amount of data from your own medical history, your family’s medical history and medical data from other doctors and healthcare facilities around the globe to help with patient diagnosis and treatment options. Even small things such as fitness apps that track your progress record data that help your family remain healthy. Some of these apps even allow you to send information to your doctor if you choose, so your doctor can monitor important metrics of anyone who is watching the condition of their heart, for example.

It’s undeniable that data science has drastically changed our lives and allowed us to thrive. That being said, always be aware of privacy issues and understand what data you are allowing others to collect, as well as the potential consequences. Whether it’s recommending your next favorite read or properly diagnosing a medical condition based on past history and other data, data science plays its part in making your family’s lives easier.