Nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, this means family cars eventually need to be retired. This can be a tough decision. A family car often has sentimental value, and a family car is a significant investment. This means people often fail to see the signs that it is time to get a new car. If you are worried you are missing the hints your old car is providing, check out these four sputtering signs it’s time for a new car.


Costly Repairs

The first sign stems from a long list of costly repairs. Sure, it is possible to repair any car with enough money. However, this doesn’t make a lot of financial sense. If you are faced with a huge repair bill, remember all of that money might be better served going towards a down payment for a new vehicle. Online dealership inventory can let you know how far this down payment can go!


Your Car Is Paid Off

If you have completely paid off your current vehicle, this may be a sign it is time to upgrade to a new car. By trading in your older vehicle, you also might be able to purchase your new car at a reduced price. This will bring back car payments, but those car payments may be lower than before.


Family Changes

Is your family going through any life changes? For example, if you have an additional child on the way, you certainly may want to consider upgrading your car to comfortably fit your entire family. Also, if you have children moving away from home, you might be able to decrease the size of your vehicle and invest in something a bit more luxurious. Remember, your vehicle should match the current needs of your family. If your family is growing or shrinking, you should probably purchase a new vehicle.


Safety Concerns

If your current car has any safety concerns, you simply must view this as a sign that you should purchase a new vehicle. Safety concerns might involve faulty transmissions, poor braking systems, and dead indicator lights. The professionals at dealerships like Woody Sander Ford will be able to let you know if the safety issues of your current vehicle warrant an immediate new car purchase.


Don’t put up with a sputtering family car any longer than you need to. Use the above signs to determine if you need a new car sometime soon.

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