With the world looking to find ways to become more energy efficient, there has been a lot of research into making everything around the home use energy wisely. If you are thinking about ways you can become more energy efficient, then you will be pleased to find that many things now have energy conservation in mind, which includes indicating how efficient it is to give you an informed choice. Here are some of the ways you can conserve energy in your home.

Get an Energy Efficiency Audit

If you are not sure where to start, then it’s a good idea to arrange an energy efficiency audit. They will send round an auditor with special equipment to measure the efficiency of your home. They can also offer useful advice about how you can save energy and reduce your bills. It is a great idea because it gives you a plan of where you need to work to reduce your energy waste.

Improving the Insulation

One of the biggest reasons for energy loss in the home is through poor insulation. That is why you should be checking your home to see if it has adequate insulation on the walls and roof. There are ways that you can insulate your home if needed; some companies can insulate the walls by pumping insulation material into the cavity. You can also get high-grade attic insulation to prevent heat being lost through the roof. You should also be looking at weather stripping around your doors and windows. It is a good idea to inspect it each year to make sure it is still in good condition and replace any that are perished or split.

Think About Replacing Your Windows

Windows can be another area that heat can escape if they are not energy efficient. Single pane windows and those with aluminum frames are the worst at letting heat escape. By looking for replacement windows Virginia Beach or another location, you can immediately start to save money. As well as replacing your windows, you can also hang heavy curtains in the winter months. These will keep more heat in and make your room look warm and inviting. In the summer, use any natural light by opening the curtains or replacing them with blinds.

Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Traditional incandescent bulbs are a big cause of energy waste. They use a lot of energy, and they don’t have a very long lifespan. To try and cut your energy bills, you should switch to using Compact Fluorescent Bulbs or CFLs. These bulbs have improved greatly over the past few years. They used to have less brightness then their incandescent equivalent and they were often larger. It put some people off buying them and instead turned lights off if they weren’t needed. Now, however, modern CFLs are much smaller and brighter while still offering amazing energy efficiency. Although they can cost more to buy, they can last up to 12 times longer than traditional bulbs. There is no need to go out and replace all your old bulbs now, just replace the old ones with the new CFLs as they blow.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

There has been a lot of work over the past few years to make household appliances more energy efficient. The result is that many kitchen appliances have been designed to use less water or to refrigerate more efficiently. As with your bulbs, you don’t have to replace everything straight away, but as your appliances need replacing, consider buying one that has a high energy efficiency rating. By doing this, you can quickly start to reduce your household energy bills, and also help the environment.

Installing Solar Panels

For some people, the idea of creating their own power seems the perfect way to save energy and money. Solar panels are not cheap to install, but, they will quickly repay your investment and offer a real alternative to traditional energy. There are many types of solar panel on the market, you can have ones that heat water for showers and heating, and there are those that generate electricity. If you have the space on your roof for both, then you will be making a big dent in your energy bills, though you need to have areas that can catch the sun for most of the day without shade to be effective.

Landscape Your Garden

You might not think that landscaping your garden will help your home to be more efficient, but it can. By planting large bushes and trees near your house, you will be helping to protect your home from the strongest rays of the sun. That will keep your house cool and lessen the need for the air conditioner. In the winter months, those trees and bushes will protect you from strong winds. If you have had your walls and roof insulated, then you will be in a much better position already.

Install a Smart Thermostat

With the introduction of smart gadgets, there is now more flexibility to have your home the way you want it. They can be programmed with your smartphone so if you are going to be late home; you can delay the heating until later. Many smart thermostats can also be programmed just like regular thermostats to come on at a set time. By having a thermostat, you are controlling the heat to come on at the times it’s needed, which will save you a lot of money across the year.

Make Adjustments to Your Water System

By making a few small adjustments to your water system, you can save yourself a lot of money. Set your hot water on the warm setting, so it uses less energy to heat it, and use low-flow fixtures for your bath and shower to reduce water usage. Together with insulating your pipes, you can save a lot of money on these things alone.

Everyone needs to be aware of energy consumption, so by choosing efficient options, you can do your part in saving the planet.