A clean house is a noble aim, but it is hard for many people to reach that goal. Cleaning is time and labor intensive, and unless you have the money to hire a cleaning service, your home likely does not stay as clean as you would like it to. This is a problem when it comes to pests, which often thrive in unclean environments. Fortunately, you can follow these four simple techniques to help keep your home both clean and pest-free.

Clean as You Go

This is one of the most simple, effective techniques. It is particularly helpful in the kitchen while cooking because otherwise you will end up with a filthy counter, spots on the floor and a pile of dishes in the sink, which can be tempting to put off. Instead of leaving dishes in the sink, for example, make it a priority to wash or put into the dishwasher every dish as soon as you are done using it. The same is true if you are doing a crafting project in the living room with your kids or just brushed your dog. Live by the simple adage: when you make a mess, clean it up. Keeping your home clean will become significantly easier if you can make that switch.

Clean on a Regular Schedule

This is an excellent option for ensuring all spaces get cleaned at regular intervals and are never allowed to go too long without being cleaned. Set up a chart for yourself, your spouse, your kids and anyone else who may be living with you. The chart should outline how often each space should be cleaned (for example, the bathroom) and who should clean it that time. You can cycle through family members to make it fair or, if one person doesn’t mind cleaning the kitchen but can’t stand the bathroom and someone else is the opposite, there’s no reason not to accommodate them.

Delegate Tasks

As with in business, it’s good to be the boss because you have the power to delegate tasks. This lifts some of the burden of keeping the place clean off your shoulders. If you have a roommate or spouse, come to an agreement with them as to what they need to keep clean. Cleaning certain spaces should be the job of children and teens, particularly their own rooms. It will teach them responsibility and discipline and also allow them to be productive members of the family. Of course, ensure all chores you ask of them are age-appropriate, and either teach them to use household cleaners correctly or keep them away from anything dangerous. Unfortunately, you can only delegate some of the cleaning duties if you live with other people. If you live alone, you will simply have to clean as you go and at regular intervals diligently to keep the mess from becoming overwhelming.

Hire Professional Pest Services

The moment you notice a significant pest problem, it is best to call the pros. This can include dead bugs, ants suddenly swarming your kitchen counters, mice droppings in the basement, or hearing wildlife in the walls. It is particularly advantageous to call a Southern Utah pest control company if this is a recurring issue you have been unable to get rid of. A pest control professional can offer you good tips for prevention and dispose of any pests in your home safely and efficiently. Let them know if you have pets to ensure any treatments will not pose a threat to your furry companions.

Keeping your home clean and pest-free can be a challenge, but you can do it by making some changes. Of course, get professional help if you can afford it or a problem keeps recurring, especially when it comes to pests. They pose a health hazard and are just plain gross.

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